10 Inspiring Home Office Ideas

Kyle Reed // @kylereed

As someone who spends a lot of time in their home office, I am always looking for ways to make my space better, cooler, and more inspirational.


Here are 10 images of inspiration to take your home office from good to great. (For more, follow my Pinterest board here)

1. The “This Is the Coolest Piece of Desk Wood You Can Get” Office


Can we talk about how cool this desk is? I love the set up with the window as well. Clean and beautiful.

2. The “Minimalist Dream Set-Up” Office


Love the artwork.

3. The “Built In Beauties” Office


If you can’t get any work done in this room, I don’t know where you can get work done.

4. The “This Is As Practical As We Get” Office


I like this office inspiration because it feels obtainable.

5. The “This Is Completely Unpractical” Office


A sliding book shelf…come on. Dream space.

6. The “I Want My Desk To Be That Cool” Office


I don’t think this office could have more cohesiveness if it tried.

7. The “Look What I Have Created” Office


Yes, you have created some amazing art. Thanks for sharing.

8. The “If My Wife Designed My Office” Office


She loves white on white on white.

9. The “Bruce Wayne” Office


I imagine Christian Bale sitting here answering emails waiting for the bat signal.

10. The “We Have More Chairs Than You” Office


Just in case you needed a buddy to stay over and work with you, it’s covered.


Bonus: Pat Flynn gave us a tour of his home office and it is filled with great ideas.

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