Archives For June 2005

i love when you are so bored that you want people to give you work, but you want to do cool work. well i am at that stage. we are stuck in the office for three weeks. some of are major things that have had to get done have know been done since monday. so know because the stuff that they wanted us to do for a couple of weeks is done they have decided to give us more busy work. we are know having to do work for the other interns. we have already finished all of that work so know i am waiting for our boss to tell us that we have to go and rearrange the garage or do something stupid like that. i hate being in the office.

on a better note i have started to application process for a job witht the junior high believe department. this will be a year long thing and i will have to take a year off of school to do this. but i look at this as an incredible opportunity and hopefully i will be able to do that.

I also have decided to get my ears pierced. i don’t really know why. a lot of people bet me that i would not do it, but i did it. i remember making fun of those people that had their ears pierced and know i am one of them. i have already been called a fag by my dad and am waiting for my mom to ask me if i am gay or not. but i am ready for it.

i am heading home on thursday night and will be there until monday the fourth. looking forward to hanging out with some people i have not seen in a little while.

yesterday I finished a book by m,ark driscoll called the radical reformission. another great book that i would recommend reading.
he is a minister in seattle at mars hill christian church. this book has given me a couple of new insights about our culture. he made a great point about postmodernism. he talked about how people viewed modernism as a demon and they wanted to cast it out, but when you cast out a demon and don’t replace it with the holy spirit seven more demons come in and take its place. he says that he sees seven demons in our so called postmodern culture:
1) the culture looks at Jesus as a wimp
2) being who you are, but not repenting of sin
3) playing with interpretation of the bible, giving it no authority
4) faith is defined by what against and what for
5) look out for ourselves, try and sell God
6) everyone crearted equal, every opinion is good
7) opinions are only specualtions, and there is no revelation

i found these very interesting and a interesting point of view. my next book i am starting is by arron chambers called running on empty. hopefully i will finish it by wednesday so i can finish tozers pursuit of God.
today we are doing a whole lot of nothing in the office. we are waiting for stuff to get uploaded onto the computers so that we can start to work on damage reports. so this gives me the time to do whatever i want. on the computer here in the office they have photoshop cs, i have been playing around with that and learning from the tutorial. hopefully by the time i buy my powerbook i will have a basic knowledge of photoshop. i am still trying to figure out how i am going to buy my powerbook. i might get a lone or just wait till i have the money.

while i was a conference this last week i was talking with one of the guys who heads up junior high believe and he told me i need to fill out an application to come and work with them touring this fall and winter. so i am in the process of doing that. if i get the job i will have to take a year off of school to be able to work for them. i am kind of excited about not having to go to school for a year. for the longest time i have been in school and have never experienced a year without school. we will see what happens. 19th birthday coming up. 19 is not a really big deal. nothing like 16,18, or 21 it is just another year down. we will see if i get anything cool. i am trying to get my dad to buy or give me his mountain bike so i can start to ride more. i will be home for the weekend of july 4th and am excited about getting a break from ciy.

i have made it through my first week of conference. very nerve racking. its funny how we can fly by the seat of
our pants and still everything flows smoothly. every night has felt gripping and challanging to everyone in the
audience. we have had some very good speakers and foundation red has done a good job.
we have had some interesting things happen. we had a couple who was known as the breeders. the reason we called them that was
because they did things like make out under the ryder truck, tie each other together by the string of their shorts, try and sneek out of
the dorm, and pull each others pants down. it was great.
doing security is probably my favorite thing to do. we go around at night and tell all the kids to go to bed. the best part is when you get
to break up the little freshmen guys getting all the girls numbers. Never really understood that. it has gotten to the point that i have just
started to tell them that they will never see each other again and to just forget about it and go to bed.
another thing that has been very challanging is dealing with the youth ministers, and sponsers. at night after his time, they tell their kids to
go down to the creek and get some stones, or they tell them to go around and pick up trash at 11 o’clock at night. ya that is a good idea to send a
bunch of high school girls down to a dark area to look for rocks at 11 o’clock at night with who knows who is down there.
but other than that everything has gone great. we had a dodgeball tournament on friday and team ciy lost in the seconde round. kind of disappointing. but we did lose to the team that got first.

sense being here and being bored at times i have done a lot of reading. one book that i have enjoyed has been david crowders new book, praise habit. excellent book. i have also read tony campolos new book and was dissapointed. it was just a book of rants and raves about the evangelical church. not worth your time. i have started a new book called one shot, it is about a detective who has to figure out why the man who murder 5 people for no reason missed on one of his shots. kind of confussing but it makes sense when you read it. good book though.

starting another week of late nights and early mornings. can’t wait.

I have arrive, and am settled into my prison like dorm room where there is just enough room for a bed and a dresser.
I still really don’t know exactly what I am doing but I am trying to figure it out. Being here reminds me of my high school
days, I know that was not to long ago, buy it reminds me of high school and how much I didn’t like it. Mainly because of all the
kids that are around. Sometimes I really think that I am closterphobic, I think I spelled that right. For our opening night we did a
thing that was called Encouter with Christ. What we did for that was that we passed big wooden blocks that came together to form a
cross. We passed it through the crowd and then we built it on stage. It was cool to hear the hammering of the cross while the band
played Wonderful Cross. Other than that I am trying to stay out of truble and try not to mess anything up.

Today I leave for Milligan. I get to ride in a truck for 13 hours with the other guy on my team. Know at first I was going to be driving, but I come to find out that because I am not 21 I a cannot drive the truck. So I have to sit there for 13 hours with Mr. Personality and try not to kill myself. I guess it really isn’t that bad, but it sucks when you have someone older than you think that because they are older than you they can tell you what to do.

We still haven’t really found out what we will exactly be doing down at CIY for the Celebration time at night. We went through it a little yesterday, but I am responsible for telling everyone else on my team and all the Bible College help what to do. It will be interesting to see how that goes. Other than that the stage looks awesome and the ideas for the services are going to be good. One thing that I am not looking forward to is that on Monday night I have to dress up like a clown. They want to get the theme across to the students that their lives are like circus’s, they got this idea from Donald Miller’s book “Searching for God Know’s What” where he talks about being born into a circus and everything feeling like a circus. It will be cool its just that I don’t like to be on stage, let alone be in a clown costume. We will see how that goes.

Got the new Coldpay. I have had it for two days know and it is awesome. So far my favorite out of the three that they have put out. I still don’t know if it has taken over my favorite for this year, Jimmy Eat World, Futures, but it probably will.

Tommorow the new Coldplay CD comes out. This is one thing that I have been looking forward to for a little while. Chris Martin says that he wanted to make the best album ever. Later he said that Coldplay has become the best band ever. Who knows what he was thinking when he said that. Everyone knows that U2 is the best band ever. But none the less Coldplays new cd arrives in stores tommorow and we will see if it lives up to the hype that they said it would be.

Following the lines of that, I don’t know how many times I have heard people brag about themselves or something else and then the things they brag about be a big let down. Like Star Wars, people said that this is better than all of them. Granted it is better than the first two that have been put out, but come on, no way it beats the old ones. So next time you hear someone say that this is the best thing they have ever ate or this is the best thing they have ever seen, they are probably lying.