Archives For August 2005

by the title of the movie it should automatically clue you in on the fact that this isn’t going to be the cleanest movie out there. but for some reason i with a couple of others though it might be funny so we decided to take a trip to buffalo wild wings and then go and see the movie. boy did we make a mistake. the movie stars steve carell as the main character. now if you have ever seen the show on nbc called the office that is the guy who stars in this movie. so going from that show on tv i figured why not maybe it will be funny. so about 20 of us went up to see the movie. as soon as it started i wanted to leave. i felt a deep weight on me that was forcing me to view this awful thing that people were laughing at. everthing was going through my head, if i leave the theater what am i going to do, am i going to wait for my ride to finish watching and then be able to go home or am i going to try and sit through this and hope that it gets better. another thought that popped into my mind wa s the fact that people found this funny. i really can’t explain what they were talking about , but let me just tell you that this movie was no more shorter than a porno. i have never witnessed a movie this bad in my life. so i did it, i got up out of my seat and left. at first i kind of looked back to see if anyone was following and then i didn’t look back again and i got out of there. i felt like lot when he was fleeing sodom and gamoria. the good thing was that others followed and that they got out of there themselves. let me just say that this movie is not worth anyones time. don’t even think about going to see this movie. take my advice do not go and see it. i feel ashamed and wrong that i even entered the movie theater to begin with.

ebay is one of the greatest sites ever created. who knew that my stupid spanish books from my freshmen year of high school could be sold for $15.00. what an amazing thing. lately i have started to just walk around my house and look for things to sell. i have listed all of my shoes on ebay. i even tried to sell concert tickets on ebay. it didn’t work as well as i thought it would but if you do it right you can make some good money. sometimes i wish i could sell our dog on ebay. i would sell it for whatever anyone would offer.

another thing that i have discovered is coffee. when i was with ciy i decided to start and drink it. everyone would talk about the different flavors and how it was so good, so i decided to see what i was missing out on. the way i started was i went to a book store that was selling cups of coffee for .25 cents, at first this looked kind of risky to start here because who sells coffee for .25 cents, but i later found out that the money raised went to a hospital so i felt a little better about it. i worked my way through my first cup, it was hard but i did it. my second cup i drank black because there was nothing there to put in it. then i discovered starbucks and the rest was history. needless to say i have been drinking the guatemala blend ever since my discovery.

with the recent completion of my summer and my first internship i brought something out of it. no it is not spiritual or a something wise, it is a sore back. i had to go to the doctor today and have him look at my back. it has gotton so bad that it is in constant pain and spreading. my neck has most recently been bothering me. i can’t even look to the side of me without turning my shoulders, so i look really weird at times. along with this pain i have missed out on several opportunities to play golf and tennis. these two things were something that i very much looked forward to doing when i got home and now i cant. to be honest i feel old. not john tishcer old, but old. my body aches and from what i understand it only gets worse. one thing that bothers me when i say this is peoples reaction to me saying this. they always say, “oh you are no were near old, you are young you have nothing to complain about.” so i guess i don’t really know what i am talking about.
on another note, i got my first pedicure today. it was awesome. my feet were gross and had dead skin all on the bottom of them. if you haven’t gotten a pedicure let me recomend you check them out.