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You might be wondering where I am going with this type of a title. Well, let me just warn you now, I am in a mood of abstraction and bordem. Today in my class we talked about childrens ministry. An interesting stat was brought up, 77% of Christians say that they were baptized under the age of 12. Have we seen the repracutions of this stat? Because so many kids were baptized so young, has the Church produced shaken babies. Let me explain. Today more and more Christians are become in-mature in their faith, meaning that they are interpreting things for themselves and not for what the Bible says. Also, they continue to be fake with themselves and potray one “look” on Sundays and another throughout the week. I know that these arguments have been argued before and they are very basic so I am not even going to go into them. Like I said above I am in a certain mood where I am bored and start to think about things that really could be a stretch. But, back to what I was saying, today I think that because kids are being baptized at a younger age and the fact that most don’t even understand what they are doing is this effecting the kind of leaders that we are bringing up. Today I have seen some of the most selfish and inconsiderate people, I am included in this, that I have ever seen, and this was the last place I would expect to see them. I would think that the future leaders of the Church would be ready to take on the challenge. But this is a whole nother topic that can be discussed later.

I loved the sound of the words, Fall Break. This was a time to go home, sleep all day and then eat some home cooked food. I was ready for this and counting down the days. I even skipped my Friday class just so I could start the break off on the right note by sleeping in. Well, let me tell you, there was no such thing as a fall break for me. I love how any teacher, K-college, loves giving homework when days off of school are coming. I love that. So far this semester has been one of the easiest times in my educational career, probably the easiest since I was homeschooled in 4th grade. So I have been cruising along with really no big things to do, a paper there a test here, but really nothing big. So fall break roles around and I look at my planner and see that the Wednesday I get back I have a Philosophy of Ministry paper that is due, this paper makes up a big part of my grade, then on Thursday I have a five page research paper due, a test in Pentateuch, and a sound system overview and flowchart that I have to prepare. So needless to say I really did not have a whole lot of time for sleep. I will say that at least I had a fall break and was able to go home, and I did get a little sleep. Let me tell you it was great going to sleep and not having to have five people in your room making noise and watching tv. And now that I have completed all of these assignments it is nice getting the weight off of my shoulders and being able to kind of relax. So fall break was not that bad, at least I got to go to bandanas.


Have you ever had the urge? I don’t know what urge you might be thinking about, but I am talking about the urge to just punch someone in the face. Throughout the last 2 weeks I have had this urge to just punch this kid. I have tried everything, from talking and confronting, to killing him with kindness. Nothing is working. This kid just has these constant outbreaks of anger that I don’t understand. The problem is they are always at me. I think a problem is, is that he looks at me and thinks that he can intimidate me and control me. I have tried to really work with him but he has just pushed my buttons. Our latest instance was on saturday. Me, him, and my roommate ref flag football for little kids on Saturday. We have three games and we all split them up. So I was asking if I could do the first two games because I wanted to go back to my room and watch the cardinals lose. When I proposed this idea he went crazy on me. Telling me he wanted to hit me he was so mad. He said I was very selfish because he has not missed a week and that he deserves a break. I missed the first week, but since then I have gone to every week after that for three weeks. So we have all done equal amount of games. Well next week I am going to go home for fall break and I have a meeting that I have to go to on Saturday. So when I told him this he went even more crazy and again pursued to call me selfish. I told him that if he was in this situation I would help him out and he will be here because of basketball practice on Saturday morning and he gets to make so more money. He continued to argue with me even after the people that were around told him that I was right and that he was selfish himself. I am really getting tired of this kid and it might come down to me having to move out of a good room because of this kids constant nagging me. MY dad told me I should just deck him and kick the snot out of him. The only problem with that is I think I would get kicked out of school.

So because of these problems I have decided that I am going to start a posse, I have decided to start with my invitation to Adam Hughes,I don’t mean to say that he is under my authority, I am just extending the invitation of a chance to live out his dream of UFC. So I have started to with a good core and if John”the John” Tishcer was in town he would be my next invitation.

Well with the most recent news of Dr. Kurka leaving the campus of Lincoln Christian College and going to St. Louis Christian College to take over the presidency gets me asking one question. What the heck is going on? Recently we have had three very good professor leave this campus, along with Greg Lowes the Baseball coach. Lincoln already was kind of behind on the good professor to class ratio and now it is even worse. I was really looking forward to taking a class with Dr. Kurka, his reputation is a very good one. The people that they are plugging into the spots to take over their classes are no where near the level of the previous professor. When Dr. Sennet left it was a shock, when Dr. Burlington left is was shocking, now that Kurka is leaving this to me is a great loss. I just hope that they fill these men spots with good professors.

Is it for me. I know it is a little early to start and think about this, but I have been. I have really been wondering if it is for me or not. Can I hack it or not. I know if John can graduate from seminary then it is possible to complete, but I really don’t know if I can do it. I am not the greatest writer in the world, I wish I could be better but I really just think that you either have it or not. So that is one negative that just stops me. I do enjoy reading a lot, so I think that I could hack that part of seminary. I am in such a limbo, because I am not the greatest student. But the other side of me really wants to go and continue to learn. It scares me to think that in about 2 1/2 years I am going to be out of college and faced with the decision to get a job or go to seminary. I really don’t know what to do. I know of a couple of people who have gone and failed out, and then I know others who went and succeeded. I guess I will just wait and see where God will lead me. It is a far ways away and I still have some time to think about it.

The summer is fast approaching and I was wondering if anyone had any ideas or places I could go and work at, or intern at? I would like to work at a Church that has a “successful” youth ministry. Just wondering.

This is something that has been bothering me lately. The idea that we always have to have an experimental type of worship. Lately it seems like I cannot go to any service and not have a visual prop or a interactive prop that the audience will take place in. At times these things are a good thing, but after a while it seems like we continue to fall into the rut of a formula or a routine. This summer at CIY we really had no crowd interactive type of worship, I said that bad, we really did not have anything that the crowd could come up and physically take part in. After the first week of conference we heard many complaints that there was nothing for the crowd to do and they really liked it when they could take part in the service. Every year that I have gone to CIY they have always had something to take part in. My first year there was a vase of water that you could go and wash your hands in, the next year there were prayer benches that you could write prayers on. So this year people go used to that routine and they wanted to have that routine again. I am one of those people who don’t like to go with the flow, I like to do things differently, and I like to change things up and keep things moving in a healthy and fresh direction. So the reason I am writing this is because so far this year every time at focus we have had something to take part in. I always feel pressured to do this. But a lot of the time I just feel like sitting there and thinking. I always hate when I feel pressured to go to focus and feel pressured to fall into the mold of everyone else. I am sometimes confused on this issue. My question to everyone is that am I wrong for feeling this way or not?

Today at about 3:00 I was driving through the Clinton, IL area. Now for people who have driven or even stayed in this area know that this is not the most happening place there is, about the only thing that is good there is monicles. But something that was there struck me as interesting. Along the highway we passed a bunch of people on the side of the rode and they were all holding signs that said “abortion kills” and “abortion is sin” and God does not like abortion.” It kind of shocked me to see this. I was not expecting to see this. The thing that shocked me was how bored these people looked. The looks on their faces told me the story. It looked like they were forced to do this. Now maybe someone did not go around and tell people to do this or maybe they did, but it seemed like it was one of those times where it was one of those unannounced things. We passed this one lady with this look on her face that said “get me out of here.” I remember doing this type of thing as a kid. And all I ever remembered was how people would drive by and stick out their middle finger. So it got me thinking about how effective this type of dimenstration really is. Maybe this is not the best way to show our support for being pro-life. How many times do we support those mothers who decide not to have an abortion and keep their kids? It just bothered me how all of these people were standing there with these signs that were casting judgement and hatred on people. They looked really “happy.”