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For some reason I am not a turkey person. I still eat it, but I only eat it to make my grandma happy. I get one plate and then I head straight for the ham. I love that stuff. Something about the flavor of it, I can eat a ton of it. But, thanksgiving is a time for me to eat my grandma’s roles and sit at the little kids table. What is it about that table? I hate sitting there. It is not that I really want to sit at the grown up table, its just that my uncle and aunt have 6 kids and they all are crazy. So everytime we start to eat someone spills something or they are yelling so loud that I can not even eat. Maybe one day someone will die and I will get to go to the grown up table. The sad thing about thanksgiving being over with is now I have to listen to Christmas music, see all the decorations and deal with all the snow that is to come. Christmas is alright I just don’t like everything that comes with it, especially snow.
I have to put all the lights up for my mom, and I always hated doing that. There is one thing that I like and that is the fires that are made. I love making fires sitting around them and watching a girl movie with my sisters and mom (well maybe not the movie part) but I love just being around.

This year for Christmas all I really want is a couple of books, I have not bought a new book in a couple of months and there are some out there that I want, especially Rob Bell’s new book, and G.K. Chesterton Orthodoxy. Who knows what I will get, just as long as I don’t get a sweatshirt from my grandparents that says: abreadcrumb and fish I will be happy.

Upon my recent return of my latest research paper from my Discipleship in a Postmodern World class I had a reaction like the one above. I worked for a week on that paper. I had 4 different sources, used two magazine articles and used the Bible. What more do you want? The assignment was for a 5 page paper dealing with the culture. I chose to look at how music has influenced the culture and why it has. I narrowed it down to specifically focus on Kanye West and his most recent rise to fame. I took an interview with him in Time magazine, I also took an interview with Bono from Rolling Stone from 1993. I referenced Acts 17, specifically the last part of the chapter where Paul is in Athens. I had two different people proofread my paper, I revised it 4 times. So when I turned this paper in I felt like I was going to atleast receive an A. Well that is definitely not the case. I got an 83%. The Professor wrote in the back of the paper that he wanted more from the paper. There was 2 grammatical errors, so that could not have been the reason for the B, he said that the paper was creative and well put together, but for some reason I got a B. Now I want to let you know right now, the next part is all assumptions that I hold to being true, I came up with these assumptions with a little polling from my classmates. I would say that out of all the class, 45% turned their papers in on time. I worked longer and harder on the paper than 90% of the class. I asked one kid what his grade was and he told me he got a 91%, but turned it in late and so he got an 80%. I don’t understand this, I love how you can write a paper the night before, proofread it once, turn it in and get an A. But you can work on a paper a week in advance and get a B-. Who knows why, another great mystery of life that I will never understand.

By the way Lincoln lost to Truman State 92-42. It was sad, we played like we were playing against NBA Allstars it was sad and embarrassing, we drove 4 hours both ways. Got back at 2 in the morning, and what did I have to show for it, a free meal from McDonald’s, well at least I got something.

I also remember my basketball manager, Aaron Gabbard. He was the best you could have. Always had the water waiting for you and it was always cold and good. I tried to model his amazing abilities when I was the girls soccer manager my senior year. So, because I am not that good at basketball I have decided to be the basketball manager at school.
Now I know that Tischer is going to make fun of me some way but that is okay, I don’t care. One of the main reasons I have done this is because I get free shoes, free food, and get to miss classes for basketball games. But you would think that being a manager is easy, well let me tell you it is not. I thought that all I would be doing is giving people water and sitting on the bench and enjoying a basketball game. But I was wrong, I am the stats man. Because our school went division 3 we have to have this stat program that is used around all of the NCAA. It is probably one of the most complicated things that I have ever seen. You have to enter in three things just to say that a player made a shot. We had a practice game this Saturday, it was practice for the players and practice for me. It was crazy. I probably looked up from the computer once. I was constantly having to look back at the directions and try to figure out what was going on. The thing is so complicated you have to have two people run it. One is a spotter and one enters into the computer. So needless to say that I will get some free shoes and some free food I will have a very hard job. We will see what happens. Our first game is next Thursday against Johnny T’s Alma Mater Truman State, we are going to get killed.