Archives For January 2006

Chicago is a great place (minus the cubs). The city is awesome and the atmosphere even better, but let me tell you being in Chicago by force with the dress clothes that you are wearing, no toothbrush or deadorant, and a bunch of guys sharing a hotel room is not very fun. We had a basketball game Friday in Chacago at Judson College. The game started at 7:30 and we got there at 7:15. Luckely for us the refs did not show up until 8:45 so we were all right. The day did not start off well. We first arrived at the Laughlin Center and found out that we had to take the vans instead of the bus, were we would have our own seats and tvs. So we all pile into the vans and head to Chicago. We have to stop and eat somewhere because someone stole our sack lunches out of the cafe and we needed something to eat before the game. Now the basketball team does not have a very big budget, so for us to have to spend about $100 on food that we were not suppose to have kind of hurt a little bit. The coach was actually all ready paying for some meals just because we could not afford it. So we stop get some food and leave. We arrive right outside of Chicago and hit really bad traffic. While the traffic picks up the snow starts to pick up. Now the day before in Lincoln it was 50 degrees and no coat weather outside. So for it to start snowing made me really mad. So we drive around in circles and the van that has the trailor on it start to spin around curves and jacknife, we finally arive at the arena. We run in because we thought we were late and come to understand that the refs were not there either. So we wait an hour and a half and start the game at 8:45. We of course get killed to a team that we probably should have beat. And as the game ends a little gets on the PA system and says that the cops have called the school and have said that all of the roads are closed and they advise that no one leave the college. So I am sitting there all ready upset because it was pointless for me to come, all I do is take stats and the coach does not even look at them. So I start to think about how we have no money and how I am starving because it is 11:00 at night and I have not ate anything since 2:30 and how we are going to have to sleep on the floor and be stuck here for days because the snow was everywhere. Well the other teams coach came through. They paid for us and our fans to stay at a holiday inn and they paid for our food. So we are getting ready to leave for the hotel and realize that we have to go up a big hill with a two vans and a trailor. So we start out on our journey and can not even make it out of the parking lot, we got stuck at least 10 times. It was great, but I got sick from it. But it was worth the fun we had freazing to death and trying to push a van on ice. We finally arive at the hotel and get our rooms, eat and go to bed. The only problem was I could not fall asleep. I did not fall asleep until 5:00am and we left at 8:00am. So it was a long night. We got back to Lincoln to see no snow on the ground and I got into my room, kissed the ground and thanked God for the important lesson that he taught me.

With my recent return to school there is a feeling of excitement in the air. The only thing I am trying to figure out is how to keep that excitement around all semester. I am ready to start classes and read some new books, but in about three weeks when I have written a couple of ten pagers and I have finished all my reading I will be ready to be done. Another thing that really makes me want to finish is the excitement of the new college service that is starting up. With the recent departure of Mr. Tischer we have been waiting for someone to come along and continue where Mr. Tischer left off. Kevin, the new guy, has been given a great oppurtunity to really thrive in this area and has been given a good situation, Mr. Tischer has paved the way and now Kevin is taking up the lead. So with that started I am stuck in Lincoln with some corn. Now the nice thing is that I have my own room. This might not seem that big, but let me tell you, this is the greatest thing to happent me in a little while. The fact that I have two dressers and two closets and two desk to do whatever I want with is awesome. I am in the process of setting the room up and am looking forward to be able to do whatever I want with it and not have to worry about people interupting me while I am studying or reading. This is amazing.