Archives For February 2006

I have had a request for a new post from an annonamous source, so I have decided to follow up on that request. Right now is a very interesting time in my life. So many things are changing. I have kind of reached that time in my life where I am becoming more of an adult and less of a teenager. I am really excited about some things that are going to be happening in the near future. I just talked with John for a little while about my trip to Boston and the things that I will be doing with that, and I can’t wait to get out there. I am excited about this new college service that is starting up and the part that I am going to play in that, and more importantly I am excited about the change and the new direction that my family is headed in and the fact that we are a family again. I guess I would call this stage of my life the crossroads, kind of reminds me of the Britteny Spears movie, I never saw it, but I know the title. Newness always brings excitement, the sad thing is that so many people are constantly trying to keep things new and never can be satisfied with things. I guess all I really need to complete this new stage in my life is a girfriend, so if the girl that I am looking for is out there, give me a call I am ready for you. Everyone else be on the lookout for me let me know what you got. Just don’t screw me over. I kind of feel weird for writing this because I know that I will get made fun of, but that is all right, at least I am updating the thing. Haev a good week. In the words of my good friend Bono: “Love and Peace”