Archives For March 2006

That is right I am on my second spring break right now and I am enjoying it. With the threat of a blizzard coming into Lincoln our amazing dean of students decided to cancel classes on Tuesday. Upon receiving this news I said “I am out of here I am going home.” I don’t have classes on Wednesdays and Fridays so I decided to skip my classes on Thursday and take another Spring Break. I have not skipped two of my classes on Tuesdays and Thursdays and so I felt that it would be okay if I missed just this one time. The nice thing is after this week I will have two more weeks of school and then I have another Spring Break in Boston were I will be partying it up with Uncle John. I still hate snow but this time it came through in the clutch and gave me another week to sit at home and do nothing.

There is always something awkward about stepping foot into your high school. For me I feel out of place. There is just this uncomfortable feeling that I get when I walk by people that I recognize but never really talked to. I go through this debate in my head of whether or not I should say hi. Just feels weird. Seeing teachers that use to try and teach me something and getting the same question that all them ask “how is college?” Sometimes I am tempted to just say “I hate it and wish I would have never went” just to see there reaction, but usually I give the typical answer that it is great and then they ask me if it is hard and I usuall just say that it is and then they say good to see you and I move on to the next place. I don’t really know if you could classify that as a conversation or not, but to me I hate this type of conversation. Tonight I am going back to the old stomping grounds for Trivia Night. This is a night for all the senior to bring people in charge them money and make them feel stupid. Me and some guys I graduated with have a table and we are going to do terrible. But it will be fun to be back with the guys that I use to hang out with in high school and to be together in the place where we caused so much problems.

Yes it was the Derek Webb concert and not the Jars of Clay concert. I was tired of people referring to this concert as being the Jars of Clay concert, I know that they have been around forever and the typical Christian likes them a lot and thinks that their music is edgy and rock in role, but who really cares. They put on a good show, but how hard is it to put on a good show if you are a Christian artist? As long as you sing about God you will be okay. The sad thing is the best part of the concert was at the beginning of the show when Derek Webb played. He played a couple of new songs off of his new album called mockingbird, it was cool to hear them acoustic, but it would have been better to hear them with his band. Every single one of his CD’s has a theme to it, and mockingbird has the theme of politics and suffering in Africa, it is an awesome CD. Me and one of my friends Andrew Stout were joking about what would happen if Derek walked out with a cigarette in his mouth set it down and started to tune his guitar. I was interested to hear what people had to say about him, I would say that 75% of the room had never heard of him. Derek is starting to become one of my favorite artist, his lyrics are real. My favorite song of his is I repent which comes off of the album she must and shall go free, which is also my favorite album of his. Sorry if anyone reading this is a Jars of Clay fan, they really weren’t bad, I just have never listened to them before. I was getting a little annoyed by all the people who kept on saying “are you ready for Jars of Clay?” At one point, when Stacy Cody asked me this I said “no.” Hopefully next time Derek can come and play longer with his full band, but even though he played only 5 or 6 songs he still was the best of the night.

The picture is of Kirk Bolen, Derek Webb, and me.