Archives For April 2006

I picked up the most recent Passion cd that has been put out called everything glorious. I would recommend that you pick it up, it is definitely worth it. Except for one song, called party. I bet you can tell that one sucks. Chris Tomlin does that one and I would like to know what he was thinking. He has all ready blessed us with Dance in the River, I do not think we need another one like that. But the real reason I am writing this is because Crowder has a new song on there called “everything glorious” really good song. It got me thinking when was the last time I heard him put out a song or a cd for that matter that I did not like. I really can not think of a song of his that I do not like. He is amazing.
I also got the new Hillsong United cd, so far pretty good. It comes with the dvd and me and kirk watched a little of it. They do the usually camera shot for two seconds and then switch to another one, makes me a little nauseous, but it is okay. Just thought I would give everyone a heads up and tell you to go and buy it and tell me what you think.

Well now that I am back from Boston, I have had some time to think about the trip and the things that I learned from the trip and from the guys that I was around. Upon arriving in the city you are immediately thrown into the city of Boston and the culture. One of the glaring things that stands out is the fact that everything is crammed into very little space. It was amazing to see all the people in the city, there are so many people around. They said that 95% of Bostonians do not go to Church on Sunday. Upon reading this stat it just made the work that John, Hank, Mike, and Phil are doing that much more important. Learned a lot from these guys, Uncle John did a great job of showing me around the city and taking me to all the sites and sounds. Everyday I had a longing to go to see the Red Sox’s play but never got to because tickets were to expensive and hard to get. John said he saw a cross dresser, but I did not see the he/she. We went to Harvard, down to the harbor, and to Fenway Park. All in all it was a great trip that I plan on making again sometime. I will do a post of all the pictures that I took even though I did not take much.

I am in a quandary( a state of uncertainty or indecision) on whether or not I should buy my Mac now or wait a little while longer. As my trip to Boston is fast approaching and I have to wait in an airport for 3 hours it would be nice for me to have a nice Mac that I could take with me anywhere in the world. Upon thinking about this I decided to go to the bank and apply for a loan. The only problem is it will take 5 business days for them to do a credit check. Who does a credit check? Seriously, don’t they want you to mess up and not pay them back right away? But I think that I will pass the credit check and move onto the next stage were I get my money, the only problem is I don’t think I will get the money in time. I leave for Boston next Monday and I am only on day 3 of credit check. It will take the Mac 3-4 days to get to my house. I don’t think it is going to work out. So I decided to do what any great son would do and I asked my parents for the money. You know those situations where it makes sense to you but others just don’t understand, well that is the problem that faces me. It makes perfectly good sense for my parents to give me $1500 and let me buy my laptop before I go. But they do not see it like that. They want me to have the money, and they do make a good point about me owing them money for my truck and schooling. If only money grew on trees I would have a Mac right now, but it does not and I don’t have one yet, maybe someday I will be cool.