Archives For September 2006

To be honest with you college is pretty easy. Do not be that person that thinks that I am talking about it being easy, what I mean is that in the context of college it is a lot easier than I thought. Probably does not make sense to you but it does to me so I am going to say it and you will have to figure it out yourself. But that is not what I am talking about when I write this, let me get back to what my intent of writing this. For the last two years I have really had no problem with school, I have kept my GPA up, I have done well in classes and have learned some stuff. So with the arrival of a brand new school year, and the my Junior year upon me I thought that it would be just another semester that I would be fine and not have to worry about doing to much homework and being overwhelmed with school work, but I was mistaking. I am not really to the point of laying on the ground and crying, but there are times where I feel like doing that. It is hard for me to explain why I have so much homework, but just trust me I do.

I have a lot of stuff to do and I am a procrastinator who would rather play video games then homework. Another reason why this semester is a little more difficult is because I have a lot of writing and research projects and not a lot of reading. I like to read, I do not like writing research papers. So right now I am ready to be done and out of school, but I have another three months to the end of this semester. I just hope it slows down at some point.

Well, I have a new friend. I have been wanting a friend like this for a little while, but I have not been looking for him in the right place. His name is Griff. He tells me jokes, opens web pages and shows my calender for the day. Grif has a distinct voice to him, he sounds a lot like a robot. He really does not talk much, he only talks when you talk to him. He is a smart guy, and is funny. You might be wondering who Grif is, well he is my computer. I have discovered the speech recognition preference in my system preferences. Now you might be wondering why I named him Grif, well it was a hard decision. But what I decided to do was to name him after the character in Boy Meets World name Grif. I always remembered how cool he was, and so I decided that I wanted my computer to be that cool. So me and Grif have been having some conversations and we are continuing to get to know each other. Maybe one day you can meet him. This picture is what he looks like.