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Today I dealt with another instance where someone uses Las Vegas as a model of a “dark” and sinful place to live. This time it came in our staff devotional time where the person talking was referring to the prodigal son and how it would be like he would go to Vegas and blow everything and indulge in any sin he wanted. While i sat there and listened to everyone in the room talk about how bad of a place Vegas is and most of them had never been there or will never go there because it is a bad place it is. I couldn’t help but feel sorry for all that have this attitude. I guess I am just really getting tired of hearing “Christians” talk about how Vegas is the devils playground and how bad of a place it is. What people forget is that Vegas has become like this because people that live there want to make money, like everyone else, and to do this they have places for people to come and do whatever they want. I am not condoning what they do or what is set up there for people to partake in. But to label Vegas as sin city is a joke. It is not all the people that live there they partake in all of this so called bad stuff. It is the millions of tourist who come everyday who partake in it all. Granted there are people who live in Vegas that have problems, but last time I checked I was a sinner, just like you are a sinner. So if you want to call it Sin something, you might as well call it Sin Nation. These things are happening all across the country and to blame Vegas for it, or to think what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas is just not accurarte. Most of the stuff that is happening in Vegas is happening in everyones neighborhood and city. Sure, there is probably not half naked girls on billboards everywhere or billboards that advertise “porn stars needed” but everyone has a problem and there is sin wherever you go.
I apologize if I seem a little harsh, I am just tired of hearing people talk about how bad Vegas is and how sinful it is.
So next time you hear Sin City, think about Sin Nation.
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I don’t know if you have noticed or maybe even heard. But one of the best (at least in my top 3) bands of all time has come out with a limited addition club tour DVD. The David Crowder band has released a new DVD that came out on Tuesday. Not only is it awesome and amazing to watch with the many different camera angles, it also came with the live CD. One of my favorite things about the DVD is the time with the band in the special features section.
Each band members goes through there equipment they use as well as how they play each song on the DVD. Pretty sweet to watch and frustrating at the same time.
I would highly recommend this DVD/CD of DCB to everyone. It is well worth the money and time spent watching it.


PS: I got one of the rare additions I was told. The reason it makes it rare is because in the CD booklet it has the names of the band listed. It says “The David Crowder Band is:” then it list everyone out, except Mark, the new electric guitar player. When asked about this, Mark said that it was a miss print and that we had a rare addition of the DVD/CD.

PSS: By the way, I ordered it off the website for the goodies, for those of you who ordered it from another place to get Charlie Hall’ new CD and Tomlins new CD that all came with the deal (Nate) how is it treating you? I bought Charlie Hall’s CD from iTunes, but refuse to get Tomlins.
I guess you are taking the good with the bad (guess who the bad is)

Well, classes are starting soon and I am getting nervous.
Let me just give you a little run down of what has been going on this last week of my life.
Monday started the first day of soccer tryouts at 8 O’Clock, not much to this day, good start to the week.
Tuesday I went to breakfast with a youth minister friend of mine at 7, then went on to another day of soccer practice until about 11 am.
Wednesday (sorry if this is dragging on, but it makes me look important) we had soccer tryouts at 8, but I had to be in for breakfast and teacher in service at 8:30. This started the long day. I was in meetings until about 1230, then the principle took me to lunch at this really nice pub. After that, we came back to the school and got some training on the smartboard and our grade book stuff that is all online, pretty cool. After that met with a couple of people and did not go home until 630.
Thursday we were suppose to have practice at 6am, I got up at 5, and made it there by 10 till 6. But no one was there. I later found out that practice was pushed back to 8am and no one called me. After going home and eating breakfast, I put my tie on and then went back to school for school registration and was there until 4pm.
Friday I got to school at 8 for another day of soccer, then went home for an hour. Had to be back at school at 12 for more registration which went until 4pm. I went home for an hour and came back at 600 for a big brother/lil brother thing and was there until 930. (I have some funny stories about this and the sound set up or might I say the ghetto rigging that I did, but I have bantered on much to long).
Saturday I woke up at 8 and went to CPR training for coaches, this lasted until 12. I went home, ate lunch, picked up my friend Ryan, went to guitar center to buy some drum sticks. We headed down to St. Louis Christian College to play for a freshmen orientation thing. This lasted from about 130 until 6pm. I have now been home for the rest of the night working on our new hardwook floors that we have been installing.

It has been a crazy week for me and I haven’ got to do as much as I wanted to do on my school stuff. But, I feel good about Monday and my first week of classes.
We will see, stay tooned to see how it all went.


I am teaching 7/8th grade bible class at Christian High School and am working on some different ways to have some interactive web stuff. One idea is to start a blog and have students comment on post that I put up. The rule is, they have to comment on my post as well as a comment on someone else comment too.
Go and check the blog out and tell me what you think. As well as keep up with it and see what my students are saying.
Here is the link: