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Well I haven’t posted in a little while (not like it matters, don’t know if anyone even reads this anyways) but I have decided to break the morning routine up a little bit (Nate you know the routine well, remember the coffee shop) and post a little blog update.

1) Both of my Fantasy Baseball teams won first place. Though you might think this is not that big, to me it is. I am in two leagues with a bunch of friends and I have bragging rights for the next year. I was an underdog with a lot of injuries and I came from behind and won both. Exciting

2) Played bass for the first time in front of a lot of people. Was a good experience and want to do it again. My fingers are killing me. I realize that Chris Tomlin is truly more lame then I though. Discovering that every song he does consist of E D G and maybe a hint of C and B but that is about it. Shame on him.

3) A lot of new CD’s out that I want to get today. I am downloading the new Anberlin CD as I write, and am thinking about buying the new Ben Folds. I am bummed to buy it because I do not get to go and see his concert on October 17th because I will be at a teachers conference in Kansas City, Exciting?

4) In a place of life right now were things are pretty blurry and am continuing to wipe my eyes and pick myself up. I will be interested to see where I am at in a year and look back at this time and see what God has done.

This is one of my students singing a song about all the states he has been to in his life.

New Logo’s for Ignite Leadership Conference.
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