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After a nice couple of days off and some catching up with grandparents and friends it is Monday, time to start the week:
-I have decided this morning that for the next two weeks I am not going to spend any money
-I get paid today which is always nice
-The fall weather is awesome and I am wearing my jackets like crazy
-I love coffee, especially in the morning
-I am thinking about buying a playstation three at the end of November, excited about that
-I have started to realize that the transition from College to life is the hardest thing I have ever done and am ready to go back to school
-I wish I had a good book to read
-I wish I had time to read a good book
-Soccer is coming to an end and the season has been a good one minus all the injuries. Districts start next week and we have a good shot at doing well
-I am going for a tux fitting tonight, which will already ruin my chances of not spending any money over the next couple of weeks.
-Go Rays

Well that is it, I feel like a phony because I have stolen this idea from the man, Lee Coate. He does this every Monday and I love reading it so I do it as well. Thanks Lee

Just a little FYI to all the readers out there.
Mark Drischoll, aka the man, has released a book that I have been reading online, for Free. Amazing right? Well I highly suggest it to both males and females. It is a challenging book and interesting book so far.
Here is the link if you want to read it:

Another Monday begins and I am ready to give an update on what I am doing. Like you care, well maybe you do.

Got my first career coaching win on Saturday in Soccer. We won 4-2 and played decently well. Got a little tense in the second half when the other team tied it up 2-2, but it was a good game and we pulled it out in the end.

Talked with a good friend last night for about an hour. Good times had by all that enjoyed the conversation. Realizing that I miss all my friends that are spread out in Texas, Florida, Vegas, Illiniose, Louisville, and Chicago.

I made it to our school’s staff prayer meeting today. All I could think about was, “Why did I come to this today” but thankfully I did and the topic discussed was death and was pretty interesting. Glad I went. But pretty interesting to hear about this especially with two of our students parents dying over the weekend.

I played Golf yesterday and got hit in the face with a golf ball, crazy I know, but no black eye and no loss of love for the game. The ball bounced a couple of times and then hit me right under the eye. I was driving a cart at the time, so the odds of this happening is pretty crazy.

I am continuing to be challenged with where I am at everyday. Wanting to do something else but am fighting an uphill battle and I love it. I need something to fight for and this is giving me the opportunity.

I have officially decided this morning that as of now I am voting for Barack Obama. Like it if you will, but I am liking him more and more. Who are you voting for?

I have decided that I need to find a church to attend on a Sunday morning, working on that. But I read Day 41 in Solo and have really seen that God is leading me to go to some church.

Well that is it I think, what are your Monday ramblingss?