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Lately this has been on my mind. What is happiness? For the longest time, happiness to me was getting to do stuff, accomplish things, and doing things that i love. Let me explain…i have had some pretty crazy jobs, making tshirts, gas station, churches, janitor, so for the longest time the subject of jobs was a sore one. i would get to the point, minus a couple of jobs, where i would hate my job. i hated everything about it, getting up early, the routine of it, the boredom, everything about it. i started to live for the days that i got to do something maybe “special” or maybe the last day of the job or getting to leave early. i started to realize that i was not happy with any of these jobs and that to find my happiness i needed to do things that made me happy.
Which you might be wondering what that was: watching tv, playing video games, reading new books, playing sports, hanging with family, playing music, other things like that.
So i came to a place in my life where i was still searching for happiness, i was getting ready to graduate and be done with college (still haven’t graduated, another post, another day) getting ready to go on my internship and hoping that this would bring me happiness with new adventure and fun and maybe i would find a women. i was sadly mistaking when i realized that i missed my family, missed the midwest (go figure) and was enjoying what i was doing but a lot of the times was not happy. Then i got another chance, a chance to teach, to be around the fam, to live in the midwest, to actual start making some money and have a roth ira. i started my new job of being a teacher and enjoyed it the first day, after that i started to hate it again! i was thinking that i was going to find some happiness in it, going to find some meaning. And all it was doing was making me miserable. Two months ago, i hated my job…am i allowed to say that? Well, i am being honest here. two months ago i hated my job and was not happy at all.
But today, i am sitting in my room on christmas break ready to go back, excited about another school semester, and really liking my job. Why the change you might ask? Maybe because my students got me a PS3 for christmas, or maybe because i am getting to know them better, or maybe because i get to hang out with some amazing teachers like Mrs. Bean and Mr. Najjar. Those are good reasons, but my happiness has changed, my outlook has changed. So what is true happiness for me and how did i find it?

Happiness, i have found does not have to do with my job, or what i get to do. i have come to find that happiness is found in who i am. A sinner saved by grace. And as cheesy as that sounds, or as typical as that sounds, it was all new and very real for me. For the longest time i was finding my happiness in what i was doing and what i got to do. Going from amazing situation to amazing situation would make me happy and wanting to continue to live and to love. But those opportunities were few and far between and i started to realize that i had to change some things. After long conversations with my dad and some convo with God, i have come to find my happiness in who i am as a christ-follower. When i wake up in the morning, i don’t think about what i am doing that day or try to make myself happy by getting excited about doing lunch duty that day. No, i have come to the place in my life where i am excited about the chance to share in the plan of redemption and grace.
i do know one thing, i do not have it figured out or even close to being there. i realize that down the road my happiness will get distorted and i will have to really fight to keep it where it should be. But for now i am happy and am ready to continue where i am at, a follower of christ.


for Christmas our family decided to try and make gifts this year. I tried my best to be creative and crafty and thought I made some pretty good stuff. I wanted to share with you a gift that I made for the Fam. It is our blog. You can now find out more info about the Reeds than you will ever want to know. Check it out:

Ps: if anything is mispelled or there is no space in between words, sorry I did this from my iPhone.


Well, it is Tuesday, a day later than Monday. You might be wondering why I am writing Monday thoughts on a Tuesday. Let me explain…I am a teacher, teachers get snow days, we had a snow day yesterday, therefore A+B=no work on Monday.

Some thoughts
-After a fellow blogger hit it big time on the blogworld last week, I wonder: How do I become big time?
-Journey to Bethlehem, our churches annual reenactment of the birth of Jesus, went really well last week. We had record numbers two of the four nights and only had bad weather on Sunday. Good times had by all.
-Homecoming was last Friday and Saturday. Let me tell you, I felt really old. Only seeing one person from my class walk through the doors does something to you.
-We won our homecoming game by 8 or so. The pep club was in full effect. It was awesome, we had about 70 students wearing pink shirts and yelling the whole game.
-I am for some reason, tired.
-Once you have a snow day, you want everyday to be a snow day.
-I felt like a little kid today, waking up early to see if school was closed
-I need a vacation
-got a wedding to attend this weekend. One of my good friends Ryan Peters. The only problem, it is six hours away
-Got an awesome present as well for him, I will put pictures up later
-Have a going away party for a teacher today, she is pregnant and this is her last week. Lucky
-Finals are Thursday and Friday, it will be interesting to see the results of a whole semester

Thats about all I got, check out rethinkchristmas website, pretty cool stuff.

Well, here at good old Christian High School students are partaking in a day that is truly one of my favorites. A day when people get to “express” themselves. A day that stands out from any other day like a bright orange shirt. This day is Tacky day. Yes that is right, a favorite pastime of mine, tackiness. Like a good old person joke or a dad joke, tackiness is something that is hard to come by, but very natural for many. So as I look at students that walk by me in the hall, I want to offer up some observations that I have made in the last couple of hours:

1) Tackiness defined by most high school and jr high students is this: “a bright mismatching outfit that does not make sense.” When students here tackiness they immediately revert to some sort of outfit that involves wearing shorts over jeans, wearing pajamas, wearing multiple bright colors, wearing something their parents own. And yet I ask the question, what is true tackiness?

2) As I left you with the cliff hanger from before (my last question). I would say that tackiness should be represented by an outfit that represents someone else. For example: my little sister dressed like me today, she said that I was tacky and so that was her outfit. Good for her, I will accept the punch in the gut in the name of tackiness. Another example: dressing like a hilbilly from the backwoods of good ole Kentucky (see Nate Johnson). Another example: wearing a basketball jersey three sizes too big for you, with a fake diamond earing and jean shorts that are really just old lady capri’s. You say cool, I say tacky. These are a start to the tackiness that could ensue. And yet, people find it necessary to miss the whole point of the day. And that is to make fun of people. What better way of bringing joy to your life than to get a laugh at another persons expense. Am I joking? You be the judge.

All in all, today is a good day. Tackiness is everywhere and I get to wear my favorite sweater. All in a days work for good ole Mr. Reed.

BTW: I have had several people ask me if I am trying to be tacky or just wearing my normal clothes? Good question, I like to keep people guessing.

Well another Monday has arrived and with it comes some more happenings and thoughts…

-Last week was the fastest week of my life, at least it seemed like that. Tune in next week and I might say that again.
-Got a big week ahead of me. We have 3 basketball games that the PEP club will be cheering at. I am the teacher sponsor so I have to be at the games.
-Homecoming is this Saturday, that will be fun
-Journey to Bethlehem, a big outreach our church does, starts on Thursday and goes to Sunday
-Did I mention that I am busy this week
-I have come to truly mean this, I hate the goodwill off of 94 and harvester. Don’t go there people
-Got to hear Kirk Bolen preach last night, he did a good job and has a natural preaching voice
-I think that I am just getting over being sick, finally. But I am ready to be able to breathe
-2 weeks until Christmas break, what a great benefit of being teacher
-Just got a tin can of cookies from a student for being a teacher, who would have thought I would get a christmas present from a student. heck ya
-I am making all of my christmas presents this year, the projects have begun, but I need an idea for my little sister. I am struggling on that one. Hopefully it will come to me while I am sleeping. That is when all my good ideas happen.
-I think the reason my week was so fast last week, was because I was at a basketball game every night. My little sister had a Varsity tournament, that’s right she is a freshmen on varsity, and they had a game ever night and they won the tournament. Good stuff

That is about it, I am out like the Mizzou tigers our out of any good bowl game. (That was cheesy, but I thought it was kind of funny).

Grace and Peace

Well, we are back to classes here at CHS, man does that suck…well it is not that bad.
Here are some thoughts on an extended Thanksgiving break.

-It is cold, really cold, like 31 degrees cold. I hate cold weather
-I almost had a wreck this morning on my way to school, hit some ice on the bridge.
-Had a good thanksgiving with the fam last week
-Great to see a bunch of old friends on Saturday, found out that a baby is in the oven for one of them. Either we are getting old or I am really pathetic. Probably both
-Didn’t do black friday (no good deals) thank goodness, I could have died.
-Today starts a three week marathon to Christmas break, let it snow let is snow let it snow
-Found a new favorite thing to check everyday, amazons mp3 store. It has a mp3 deal of the day. MP3’s that are originally 8 or 9 bucks are going for 1 or 2 dollars on selected days. Check it out
-Yesterday concluded no shave November. Good times had by all my 7/8th grade Men
-I have decided to keep my chin scruff for a little while, we will see how it continues to grow.
-Got to hear an old family friend preach on Sunday night. He was our minister when I was like 7 or 8. Amazing preacher, did a great job.
-Got a record player from another family friend for free, never played and pretty nice. Really excited about that.

Thats about all. Good times had by all that were in attendance.

What did you do for the holidays?