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I am the proud father showing off my dog

I am the proud father showing off my dog

I remember a specific day, it was in June (I think, good memory right) me and @natejohnson were at its a grind coffee shop hanging out, had the macs out and the coffee. Nate asked me a question no one has ever asked before: “What is your internet routine” It took me aback, and I realized, what a great question. So with that said, and I know you want to know, here is my morning internet routine:

1) Fire up firefoxer

2) The homepage opens—-it is bwacks forum (the drummer for David Crowder) Great place for musicians/artist to go and paruse

3) From there I use to check facebook, but now that the school has blocked it, I skip that and go straight to I read the morning news about sports and move on

4) I then proceed over to the local avenue of things and go to the post dispatch sports section

5) From there, and this is an important step, I go to musicians friends and check the stupid deal of the day Now if you didn’t know what this was then I am doing you a huge favor. Definitely you need to add this into you routine. Great deals at great prices. Along with sdotd, I also check, and amazon mp3 deal of the day

6) I then head over to drudge report and find out all that is happening in the world. the real news.

7) I then head over to one of the greatest inventions on the internet. Google reader I have over 30 blogs that I read daily and it saves so much time in having to see if they have been updated. If you don’t have google reader, what are you doing with your life?

8) I then check twitter to see if I missed anything from the night before.

9) I then head over to my blog dashboard and see if anyone actually cares about my life and blog. Usually it is just my grandpa, but I am happy with that. He is loyal and loving.

10) I then head over to craiglist and see what is going on with the sales and deals. Never buy, just look

11) I then repeat step 7 and go on with the day.

That is my routine, do you have anything I should be adding into the steps of the day?

Comments please


After two glorious days of accomplishing a lot on my own and doing things that I want to do I have decided to reflect back and give you a little insight into why snow days are so glorious.


I woke up at 5am to get ready for Men’s Fraternity got to church at 6am and spent the next hour or so listening to what the true definition of manhood is (reject passivity). I called the lady that I was suppose to for our teacher snow chain (very awkward, she was still sleeping) and then I headed home to get some things done.

After eating some oatmeal, I fired up the computer and began my daily routine (more to come on this in another post). I read Solo and the bible and finished it off with a little Wide Awake by McManus. After that I started to work on my homework. I have finally starting my last class so that I can graduate from LCC. I read/worked/twittered/blogged/researched/listened to music/pondered until about 2. I finally emerged from my freezing room and went outside to play with the dog and the sister. We wrestled, I won and the dog ran away. I made some puppy chow ate dinner and watched American Idol and rejoiced when I got a text from my sister about how school was cancelled the next day.

Are you bored yet?


I woke up around 730, took a shower, and did the usually routine on the net/reading. Around 10am I went outside again with the dog and the sister and got lost in the woods. It was awesome and my sister almost missed her ride to basketball practice. I took another shower because I was cold. I got ready to go to lunch with D Mehrle, Nikomas and some students at Fridays. I said goodbye to my Grandmother (she had been in since Friday, I know) and then left for lunch. Got back home around 2, finished my homework. I went over to Andy Unnerstalls house for dinner and enjoyed some talking/eating. Came back to the house around 8 for Lost and then went to bed.

I tell you all of this to show you how awesome my last two days have been. It reminds me of my days in college/church. Getting to do work and not be interrupted was amazing. I needed these two days to recoup and reconnect with God.

So what did you do these last two days? Even if you didn’t have a snow day, what did you do?


As the big day approaches (4 days 7Hrs 24Mins 3 sec) I am in preperation for a party. This party is going to be grandious. It is a party centered around a game, but surrounded with fun and fellowship (I sounded like an old minister theere). I am throwing a party for all  my 7/8th grade guys, 64 in all. Now I believe that there will only be about 40-45 show up, but still that is a lot of people and a lot of food consumed. Because I don’t live in a mansion I have to have a plan for the chaos that will ensue. So here is the rundown, let me know what you think. And I would love to hear some ideas that you might have for me:

1) People are going to arrive around 530-600

2) There will be two places to watch the game: Living room which hold 8 people comfortably (30 if you are close with each other) and then in the dinning room (that will probably just hold 12 peroid.

3) The guys are bringing the food. I am having parents bring any food they want. If they bring beer, the more the better (just kidding). I hope there is a lot of chilli.

4) Downstairs we will have four TV’s set up for gaming (xBox 360, PS3, Wii, etc….) havent’t decided if I am going to let them play rated M games like Halo. We will see.

5) Halftime is here. Seeing that none of them except for me will want to watch Bruce Springstein, We will go outside and play football as well as take the milk challenge (read here is you don’t know what the milk challenge is). Anyone who brings a gallon of milk can participate. I hope there will be a lot of throwing up. After receiving an email yesterday, there are some concerns about the milk challenge because I think someone died from it. I am checking into it. But I really don’t want to deprive these guys of that.

6) Game finishes and they go home, hopefully sooner than later. I know it will be like the good ole days of youth ministry when the parents show up an hour later than they are suppose to.
Those are my plans, I hope i didn’t leave anything out. I will have pictures, videos to follow.

Give me some ideas though if you have any. I would love to hear from you.


After playing in the snow for a little while with the dog, my lips were very chapped. I came down stairs to my room and had a choice to make. Now, recently I switched over to burts bees (i use to think it was called birds and bees) but I use to be a big chapstick guy (original being my favorite).

So the thought hit my mind, I wonder what everyone else is using?

My two favorites

My two favorites

My world was opened up to a new brand not to long ago and so I wonder if you can blow my mind again, and help me discover a new brand or flavor.

Here are a couple of designs I did for my Dad and a project that he is working on at St. Louis Chrsitian College

If you need a custom header made for your wordpress page, hit me up and I will see what I can do.

After a long discussion with my friend Kirk Bolen I found some inspiration for a blog post today.

Our discussion centered around the amazing thing of Pandora Radio. Now if you do not know what Pandora is you are missing out (grandpa, you probably would not like it). Pandora is an online radio station that picks music for you based on the artist that you like. For example: You put in the band Deas Veil (kirks favorite radio station) and the band pops up with a song, then after their song it goes on to play more music like Deas Veil. You can give the music a thumbs up or a thumbs down. Once you start to rate the songs Pandora becomes a genius and continues to pick songs that you might like.

I have discovered some great bands through Pandora. My favorite channel is the anathallo station. Check that one out, great stuff.

What is your favorite pandora station?