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Maybe I am getting old (23 in July) or maybe I am getting
more conservative (ya, that is probably not it), but it seemed like
the MTV movie awards were highly offensive this year

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Check out this little interview that was conducted by my friend brennan loveless
where i was asked to give some wise advice on what I learned in college

Check out the video here

In my first week of teaching I was told by a fellow teacher why
ever teacher goes into teaching…for summer break,
I start to wonder what i am going to do this summer.

To be honest, I really have no summer plans what so ever.
The only thing I know for an absolute is that I am going to the guru conference
hopefully with Ben Parker, playing softball
and I am taking part in the fantasy day at busch stadium.
Other than that, I have no “real” plans.

To make myself feel a little better, I have decided to come up with my ideal summer.
Obviously the best way to do this is to break it down into a top five list.
So here it is, my top five plans for my ideal summer:

1) Get a Girlfriend
As crazy as this dream sounds. To make this a very ideal summer would be
getting an ideal girl. I am not asking for much, just somebody.
I don’t want any parking place girls thought (see brennan loveless blog video)

2) Make some money doing something I enjoy
Who doesn’t want this?
I go back to a couple years ago in my life where I was a gas station attendant,
terrible times of monotony. The people were great, but the job, not so great.
What is my ideal job? Working with people who have a mission and doing
something I enjoy….can you say personal shopper

3) Read a lot of books
Nothing would be better than to go back to my sophomore year of college
when I was reading a book a week. Reading at least 5 to 7 books this summer
would be great.

4) Pick up a new hobby
I really don’t know what it will be. But I would like to start up a new
hobby that will keep me busy this summer. Any ideas?

5) Make a difference in someones life
I know this sounds funny or cheesy, but for me, to have an ideal
summer, I would like to make a difference in someones life.
Whether it be a timely phone call, a one-on-one conversation,
or a word of encouragement, I would love to make a difference
in someones life this summer.

So these are my top five ideal moments for the summer, I am curious…
what are your ideal plans for the summer?
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And today (tuesday) being the release of the new Hillsong United CD “Tear down the Walls”
I was curious to see what everyone thinks?

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Pray for me today as I preach the word of God (or it preaches to me).

Oh Boy

Oh Boy

I am ready to go, I am now praying that my bad grammar and stamering does
not get into the way of the word of God.

Preaching on the echo of Paul’s life.

Here are some notes


"Can't wait to be on the internet for the goofiest photo ever taken"

Probably one of the funnier pictures I have seen in a little while

What is the best (appropriate) caption you can make for this phote?


If you haven’t read this article or the newsweek artcle about America being
a post-Christian nation you should definitely check these two out.
I like the response and input Driscoll gives in this article.

Read it here

Respond to it here