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I was just wandering, what music would you choose to soundtrack your life?

I don’t think I have one right now, but here is some music that has been on repeat:

1) The Felix Culpa
I have talked about them before, and with their new EP (get it here for free) out
I have been listening to them a lot.
2) Weaver at the Loom
They also have an EP out that I have been listening to almost everyday
3) DC*B
Got a couple new songs and probably listen to them at least 5 or 6 times a day
4) Jon Foreman
I just started to listen to his EP’s again. I got a little burned out on them because
I listened to them so much, but man I forgot how good and refreshing it is to listen
to him
5) Derek Webb
I guess because he is releasing a new CD I started my love again with him, I really
don’t know why I stopped. Love Mockingbird CD and “a King and Kingdom” lyrics

I was just wandering, what music would you choose to soundtrack your life?


My usual routine on Sunday morning is to wake up around 730,
eat my cinammon roles and then go to church.
There are a couple of essentials that I need to bring to church:
1) iPhone (bible, music, distractor)
2) Coffee mug (they have really small cups)
3) Laptop (this is the key)

There are a couple of reasons the laptop is key:
1) My morning routine
2) I look cool
3) Church online

I literally go to church to go to church online (if that makes sense)
I sit in my corner, go to church online at and then go and serve in the cafe.

This has been the way that I have been doing church for a little while now.
It is a new way of doing things, but I am finding that I am joining in worship with
several thousand people each week from all over the country.

It got me thinking though, I wish more church were live online, actually all churches were live online.
Here are the churches that I “go” too each week:
The Crossing Church in Vegas
Watermark church in Michigan
Mars Hill in Seattle

Have you gone to church online?
What church would you like to go to online?
Is there one church that you wished would have online church?


“Who is Kevin Roose?”
“And why is he an unlikely disciple?”
This was going through my head as I started to thumb through a highly recommended book by several of my friends.
The book is described as “a sinner’s semester at America’s holiest University.”
Pretty good title, intriguing and at least worth me spending 20 minutes reading.

After about the first two chapters I realized that this book was way beyond intriguing.
To be honest I figured the book was about how crazy Christians are and how close
minded individuals are ruining this country (no argument there).
But after reading several chapters I realized that Kevin was not writing this book to expose the conservative right or the “homophobic” Christians who live in the bubble of Liberty University.
He was more concerned with finding out who they were as individuals before he judged their morality.

Kevin Roose takes on the challenge of attending Liberty University, founded by Jerry Falwell and discover the polar opposites of a conservative college compared to the very liberal University that he attended, Brown University.
Kevin quickly realizes that even though the people at Liberty are different in thought and belief than him they are not much different in personality and struggle. Kevin breaks through the walls of separation between liberals and conservatives and gives a great picture of both sides.

It is very interesting to read the end of the book and kind of see how things panned out.
Some might call it luck others might call it God, but Kevin was the last person to do a print interview with the controversial figure, Dr. Falwell.
Because of this, his article was reprinted and gained a lot of attention shortly after Dr. Falwell’s death.

This book is not about showing how one side is wrong, or the idea that it is “us vs them” battle, no this book is simple about a personal journey into a whole other life and how to make sense of it all.

I would highly recommend this book to all.
It gives a great perspective on religion, God, prayer, and  all the other stuff in between.
Some great questions were sprinkled in throughout the book that made you think about how you would answer or react to them.

I give this book 4 out of 5 CS Lewis (See grading scale here)

Great introduction to the book listen to an interview on NPR here with Kevin Roose
More info about Kevin Roose and his book go here
To purchase this book go here
To read more reviews of other books I have read go here


Download at:

Download at:

David Crowder Band new CD “Church Music” is set to release in late September.
With all the recording and mixing done they have released a new single called
“How He Loves.”

This song is written by John Mark McMillan and if you haven’t heard the story
behind the song you should check it out here

Here is the single from David Crowder Band “How He Loves”
David Crowder Band “How He Loves”

Here is the deal, I have the other single as well and will email it to the
best commenter on this question:

What is the best song by David Crowder Band and Why?


It is not confirmed, but it is definitely a possibility.
I could be the newest member of the David Crowder Band.
Here is the reason behind it all:

Stay tuned for the big announcement
or go to DC*B online for the announceent.


Let me just say FCA Fantasy Day at Busch Stadium was amazing.
I was pretty excited about going, but not overly pumped, if that makes sense.
But when we hit the field all that changed and I realized that
I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else.

There were four stations. We were in a group of about guys.
We started the day off shagging fly balls during batting practice
Then we went and took batting practice off of Jason Simontacchi (if you remember him)
After that we went into the batting cages to talk with Mike Matheny
After that we went into the club house and heard stories from the “White RatWhitey Herzog

After doing all of this we got to end the day with a game.
I got to play shortstop one inning and it was the most surreal experience of my life.
Pretty much every ball was hit to me. It was more than what I expected.
I got to hit twice in the game.
First time up Simontacchi threw me a knuckleball.
The guys behind the batting cage got a laugh out of that. But I was ready to go.
Next pitch was a fastball that I lined right back up the middle.
I was getting a little revenge for throwing me that Knuckleball.
Next at-bat I knew he was going to throw me another Knuckleball.
Here was my chance to show off a little. So I was ready for it to come in.
Now the umpire for the day was mike matheny who was standing right behind the cage.
I was more than a little nervous, but I was ready to hit the knuckleball.
Sure enough, he throws the knuckler and I crush it to left, right in front of the warning track
over all the outfelders heads (there were about 8 of them).
It was pretty cool, partially because I was using a wooden bat and also because no one else had
hit it that far all day. Needless to say, if I was using a aluminum bat it could have left the park.

All in all it was a great experience. Mike Matheny complimented my swing and said it looked
like I liked hitting knuckleballs. It was a really cool experience that I won’t forget.

What would be one fantasy type day that you would like to be able to do?

Here are some pictures:

Today I get to take batting practice at Busch Stadium.
That’s right, today is FCA fantasy day at Busch Stadium.

You might be wondering how I pulled this off?
As a gift for coaching at the high school this year, our head coach
paid for me and the other assistant coach to go to this once in a life time opportunity.

I hope to be taking some pictures and showing you the thousands of fans that
are coming to cheer me on as I step into the batters box and go yard.
I had a dream last night that after I was done hitting the cardinals offered me
a contract. It was for the minors, but you have to start somewhere.

Check back later today to see what it was like.