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No, I am not talking about porn (though it is a black hole and trap for anyone. See Proverbs 7) I am talking about the black hole that 20 somethings fall into. Did you know that according to CNN 80% of college graduates move back in with their parents? Wow! I cannot help but notice that specifically 22-29 year old people all into a black hole and are not heard from until they hit 30.

I just cannot help but think something needs to be said or done about this.
Maybe I am wrong and their is no super massive black hole (just the song by muse). What I can say is that I have/am experience the black hole for myself. I am apart of the 80% that moved back into their parents home after graduation. I am apart of the community that calls themselves jobless, and I am apart of the community that is looking for a voice an identity. Why is it that people in their twenties can only do entry level work or internships or be in bands?

I already know the answers from the “grown ups.” I have had this discussion with my dad several times. Us “babies” need experience, we need a time to learn and grow, we need to get our feet wet, etc….I am totally on board with all of this. The problem is there is no one giving us experience. No mentors out there looking for young guys and gals to pour into. No opportunities for youngins to make mistakes and learn from what they did. (please don’t take my “no” as literal. I know there are some people who are getting these chances I just have never met them). I mean the most experience in life a friend of mine is getting right now is being a beer man at Busch Stadium. He is talented and has been looking for a chance to use his talents in the church or for the kingdom of God and he keeps getting shut out. What is up with that?

I am calling you out leaders. We (I am speaking for my age group) need you to mentor us. Where are you at? Who are you pouring into? Why is it that we are the ones that have to constantly ask you to mentor us and then sit there and wait for you to tell us that you are too busy and maybe God could mentor you. I am not claiming to have it together and I am looking for you to help me out and teach me lessons that you have learned.

This post is birthed out of my frustration. Out of the idea that I have a bunch of talented friends who are looking to serve and yet are told you need more experience. This post is the frustration that comes from a guy who has heard God tell him to go forth and make the big ask (no not make the big ass, even though I feel like I am a big ass at times) and trust him only to never get even a response from a leader telling you that they are to busy.

Maybe this is why my generation is disappearing from the church.

Google Wave
I watched this presentation today from Google and got really excited.
If you have an hour and twenty minutes to watch this video go for it (everyone knows that I have a lot of time on my hands and can sit down and watch this, but you have a job and a family and are probably pretty busy so I understand if you cannot watch the whole thing).

Google is trying to revolutionize and change email and communication through the web. The guys that are developing this (two brothers actually) are the same guys that created google maps. I hope that shows you the creative minds behind this as well as the possibilities.

Read more here about google wave

With blogging continuing to give the masses a voice, I could not help but notice the similarities between talk radio and blog post. I was driving home from a long day of work, listening to my favorite radio station, the local ESPN broadcast, and idea hit me. As I sat at the light engaged in the conversation I realized blogging is exactly like talk radio.

The point of talk radio is to have a discussion with the host and the audience. Whether it be the audience calling into the show or the host playing off  the audience emotions, the goal of the show is to stir a reaction and have interaction. This interaction is addicting, it grabs you and makes you sit in your driveway for an extra twenty minutes engaged in the conversation.

Blogging is all about creating emotions and tension. People come to your site, read what you have to say and then they do one of two things: they navigate away or they engage. A good blog post grabs you right away and stirs some kind of emotion inside of you and causes you to think, respond, and then share with other.  The main reason I blog is because I want to hear from people on thoughts that are running through my head. Sometimes I feel like I am a little crazy and so I want to see if other people are thinking the same thing as me. Often times blogging and talk radio can seem very impersonal, the divide between the radio and the interwebs can be overwhelming. What erases this divide is the chance to connect with a subject on a more personal basis in the realm of emotion and thought. In talk radio, you are giving your opinion about a hot topic. In blogging you are writing out your thoughts for others to see, hoping to connect and be validated in your opinions.
In both worlds you are throwing out your opinion to the masses and seeing if they reject it or accept what you have to say.

We are constantly looking to have a voice. Something that stands out from the masses and lets everyone know who you are.
Blogging is the same as talk radio because you are driving people to an emotion, trying to create some kind of tension with the subject and then waiting to hear what people have to say.

Agree or Disagree?


Tie a Tie
This is for all you guys (well girls you are in there because you can help the guys out or maybe use some fashion sense and wear a tie yourself, but honestly that really does not look that good…I digress). This is how to tie a tie and make it look good. What a great resource for all you unemployed people, ministers, and bankers.

learn how to Tie a Tie here


Here she is…Episode 1
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I did want to get some feedback from everyone. I want the podcast to be 10 minutes long….will you watch for 10 minutes or is that to long? Is this worth me taking the time to produce this or will you stop watching after 3 minutes.
I really enjoy putting these together, but I want to make sure that they are worth my time.

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Resources for Web Designers
This is the most comprehensive and exhaustive list of resources out there. If you are a designer, wanna be designer, or just interested you should check out this great resource. We are kicking Monday square in the face here and giving you so motivation for the week. Check it out and then start creating.

Resource for Web Designers

I am going to throw this statement out….more people in the church are being used by Satan than by God.

This is not a I am a young liberal punk who hates everything about the church and thinks I am a genius” statement.
This is a
what is going on and is anyone else noticing” post. After hearing a story from a close friend yesterday about the discouragement that he faced at church he reminded me of the idea that people can be used by God but can also be used as a tool of Satan.

I had never thought about this idea of people being used by Satan.
Sure you have your people who say they are Satan worshipers etc…but I never thought that people inside the church could be used by Satan. I am seeing this take place more and more. Whether it be through gossip, trying to be real and authentic (in other words tell people like it is without showing love) or just down right sin, Satan is using the church to spread the message of despair and pain.

Maybe this is not a new thought for you, maybe you are like me and it is something you never thought about.
How can we be an instrument of God and not a tool of Satan?

I watched this video the other day and laughed, got angry, laughed some more, and then wanted to type in a little comment. I had to stop watching it about 3 minutes in because I was getting really hateful (which is another great tool of satan, telling us to love our enemies like terrorist, but hate the person sitting next to us) and had a few choice words for this guy. I share this video with you not to say this guy is an idiot (well, its true, but that’s beside the point) but to show an example of Satan using someone as a tool of hate and harm.