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2009 has been a great year for music. I have spent more money on music then anything else this year and it has all been worth my money and time. Here are the top 10 albums of 2009.

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Hope everyone had a great christmas holiday. Now back to daily life and the start of 2010.

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The Mentor Me Project Blog is a week away from launching.
These last four months have been crazy. From the time the idea came about to realizing that the initial idea was way smaller then what God had in mind. Things have moved quickly. I am the type of person that can get ahead of plans. I usually have things so far planned out in advance that I often forget about the present. One way that I have continued to fight this urge to plan the future of the Mentor Me Project is to give it to God.

For the last 30 days I have spent 30 minutes a day praying about the future of the Mentor Me Project. I truly believe that God is calling me and others to continue to spread the message of the need for mentors. I feel like I have been having conversations with people about the Mentor Me Project but continually do not take the time to talk with God. This last month has been very challenging to spend time in prayer about the future. But God has remained faithful in my constant rambling and has often spoken words of truth and given me ideas that I never knew were there. In the last month this project has become more about God’s plans then my plans.

Here is where I am asking you to get involved. January is National Mentor Month (I know, it seems that I planned the launch for January because of this fact, but indeed I had no clue until a couple of weeks ago). January 3rd (Monday) the Mentor Me Project goes live and the conversations start to happen. I need your help with this. I need people to commit to pray for the Mentor Me Project for the next 30 days in January for 5 minutes a day. If you would be willing to pray for the Mentor Me Project I would love for you to grab the banner below to display on your blog, twitter profile, or wherever else you want to place that bad boy.

Throughout the 30 days in January we will go through guided prayer each day on things we can pray about. How you might ask? Well twitter will be our friend. The way that you can also take part in this exercise of faith is to follow the mentormeproject on twitter here. Each day a tweet will go out about what you can be in prayer about. Each week will have a focus (1 week we focus on mentor, next week focus on mentorees, etc…). This will give you a reminder as well as something intentional to pray for.

Please join me in praying for the Mentor Me Project in the month of January. I believe that this will be a powerful time for the project and I want to continue to follow God’s lead. If you are joining in do not forget to grab a banner below and display it proudly on your blog or maybe even twitter profile pic.

Thanks again
If you have any questions let me know:

I had dinner last night with DJ Chuang and Andrew Kim. It was awesome. I had never met the two of them before in person but we had conversed over the web through twitter and the blog world. As we sat in the Old Spaghetti Factory and discussed a variety of topics I continued to wonder one thing…am I a good dinner conversation? What do the other people think of me?

I have had the chance of meeting up with a couple of people who had first met me on twitter or my blog and then we had the chance to meet in person. Usually they tell me two things, you are much better looking in person and you are not what I thought you would be like (well at least they say the last part, I pretend like they say the first part). I always find that weird, but then I realize that this is understandable. As I sat there and ate dinner I wondered if Andrew and DJ were thinking the same thing?

Have you ever met someone who was not what you expected?


DJ and Andrew were great, check out there blogs here and here

I have been following Mark Batterson from a distance for a while now. I have enjoyed reading his blog and listening to some interviews with him. When I got the chance to review his newest book Primal I jumped on the opportunity.

The premise of the book gets straight to the core of the matter: to rediscover the lost soul of Christianity. Going through four areas of the Christian life: heart, soul, mind, and strength, Batterson discusses each with great detail and illustration. One thing that I enjoyed about Batterson’s writing was his personal illustrations. These always help me understand concepts and ideas better, and he has a way of using personal stories to convey a truth.

This is a great read for the new year. What better way to start off 2010 by getting back to the heart of Christianity.

You can purchase Primal by Mark Batterson here

Merry Christmas from the Reed Family

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