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Sunday provides us a day to relax, reflect, and refuel. On Sunday’s I like to sit back and ask a couple of questions. Maybe it sounds a little like those awkward games you play with people you do not know so that you can get to know each other better. Lets just call Question(s) for You.

You can answer them all or just one….

1) Favorite Olympic Moment?

2) Who will win the Gold Medal Hockey Game? Canada or USA?

3) What is your reaction to the header at the top with the buffaloes? What do you think it means?

Answer them all or just one….these are questions for you.


I love Derek Webb. Loved his first album all the way to his latest album Stockholm Syndrome. He sometimes feels like a spokesperson for the way I am thinking, he articulates my feelings very well. When I heard that he would be doing an follow up album called Democracy Vol. 1 I was thrilled, even more thrilled to hear that they would be cover songs of the fans choice.
One song that I was really excited about hearing him cover was Fix You by Coldplay. Friday, he released the demo version of the song. I hate to say it, but it leaves a LOT to be desired.
It didn’t help that he tweeted this either:

It was a bummer to read that and a bummer to hear his version. It is very difficult to tackle such a big song, and in all reality you just cannot convey that emotion with an acoustic guitar and a track. As I was listening to Derek’s version I was reminded of the beauty of this song and just the power of this song. I looked it up on youtube and found this awesome video:

That emotion cannot be tackled. I remember seeing them live and just sitting there with 40,000 people at the MGM grand in Las Vegas singing as loud as we could, it was amazing.

Here is my question…what are some timeless songs of our generation that can never be reproduced?

Here are some off the top of my head
Fix You by Coldplay
Waiting on the world to change by John Mayer
O Praise Him the David Crowder Band
Switchfoot Meant to Live



I have always been very frustrated that I was not doing great things at 23. Like I was suppose to be full of wisdom, leadership, and learning. Instead I feel like I am stuck in a place of patience and learning and not doing a “great thing” that was until I read this: “Seeing Growth as a process of letting God complete what was begun by God.” -eugene peterson

I started to realize that if I was there, if I was completed by God today, I would have nothing to look forward to in the future. If this was it, if this was the “best” I was going to be, the next 50 years of my life would be pretty unexciting. I am now okay not being who I want to be as a leader or doing things that I wish I could do. Instead I am being shaped by God to grow into who He was created me to be.

Why is right now more appealing then the future?


Not literally my kids (I do not have any, that I know of…cue bad joke noise here) but I wonder, the next generation, will they read more books or blogs?

I know that I read a lot of blogs, I read a lot of books. But I am more drawn into blogs. They are short, sweet, get to the point of what they want to say and give the opportunity to interact.
I think that is the biggest problem with books is that there is no interaction. You don’t get the chance to talk to the author or leave a comment and then have a good conversation with others.

What do you think?

Will it be Books or Blogs?


Curling, has ruined the olympics. Now you might have already figured out this truth, if so you can just move about your day in an orderly fashion, but if you are still confused continue reading on. But, if you read the rest of this and come away enlightened you have to make a promise that you will share this on twitter with a retweet saying

@kylelreed just dropped some serious wisdom on me and now I know how curling ruined the olympics:

Curling has ruined the Olympics. I am not the Dalai Lama of Olympic games but I do claim to be somewhat “enlightened” on all things sports (that was for effect, I am really not this vein). Here is my theory. 4 years ago curling burst onto the scene. People where going about their day and noticed this odd sport that resembled the game their grandparents play on the weekends at the senior community center, shuffle board. Add the element of being able to skate on ice and you had a recipe for a takeover. Most of us might have watched a game here or there, but we probably did not give it much time because it was confusing and to be honest a little boring. But others decided to make it their sport. They dove in, or in the spirit of winter olympics…skied into this sport head on.

You have to understand something about this aforementioned group, the ones that decided to make this their sport. These are the people that seem to like things that you have never heard or nor do you want to be apart of. Remember that kid in high school or college that seemed to like bands that you had never even heard of? You know bands that names don’t even make sense (like spit fire or zombie dancers) much less the music. Or maybe they kicked it old school and talked about how they felt alive listening to classical music. Those kids that just seemed to like the weirdest stuff because no one else liked it so it made them “unique”? Well that “group” found an winter Olympic sport that no one had really heard of, curling. Out of no where we stared to hear people talk about how much they loved the sport, how much they knew about the sport, and how they were in four curling leagues that would play on the weekends. We had a bunch of “expert” curling watchers running around and NBC was paying attention.

It is a given that we are going to be subjected to figure skating thanks to the women of this world. I really do not blame you for the downfall of the winter Olympic games. I understand that is all you have to watch and you enjoy the element of dancing with the danger of ice skates. So inevitable NBC is going to put this on in prime time for all to watch, but curling has some how leaped past all relevant winter Olympic sports. Mainly because NBC has paid attention. They paid attention to the moms of this world and to the people who like things because no one else does (ironic twist: when is it not cool to like something that others are liking? Seeing how a large amount of people have adapted curling as their sport, does that mean that there will be a revolt and it will be cool to like hockey again?), the ones that thought it would be cool to tell us how much they love curling and how much they know about curling. When deep down you and I both know no one can love a sport like that. Some would even argue its existence of being a sport seeing how a 5 month pregnant women is competing (side note: a friend of mine had a girl at his church who was 9 months pregnant and was playing drums for the church two days before she had her baby, wow). Because of this new found “love” of curling NBC decided to have this as a main feature of the Olympic games neglecting all relevant Olympic sporting events like Hockey or Skiing.

Therefore, curling has ruined the Winter Olympics.

Agree or Disagree?


I shared with you last week a video of me preaching,
Thanks for watching and responding to that.
Today I want to share something with you, a valentines day story.

Now it is at the beginning of this video, so do not feel compelled to watch the whole thing (its 30 minutes long).
This is the second week of me preaching at Harvester Christian Church and it was valentines day.
I thought it would be funny to share a story about V-Day, but had nothing to really share, so I made something up.

Watch the video by clicking the read more button…
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Monday, I worked from 9am till about 10pm. I took a break to watch 24,
but for most of the day I worked on several things.
I worked on a brochure for my Dad for his non for profit called Ministry Care
I worked on business cards for myself. See them here
I worked on stuff for 8bit network (shhhh, can’t tell you the secrets).
I worked on my design website giving it a complete redesign. See it here

Inside of all of this madness I wrote two blog post, a guest post, and read about 20 blogs.
I guess you could call it all in a days work.
But as I was finishing up the night with a little Call of Duty I could not help but think about all the things that I did today and how I explain my job/jobs to others.
I did so much today, and all of it was very different.
I enjoyed everything I did today, but I felt like I got so distracted by things that I missed out on what I was suppose to be doing. I wonder if I can be a jack of all trades or if I am suppose to focus on one thing, one talent or gift?

I wonder if sometimes I fill my time with so many different things that I miss out on the gift or job that I am suppose to be doing?

Anyone feel this way? Is there any truth to this statement?