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Mine: Anything that involves relaxing outside or cutting the grass. Lately I have become obsessed with mowing the lawn. I probably mow our lawn at least 2 times a week. Weird, I know, but I really enjoy the chance to just sit back, relax, and cut some grass (oh, and the smell). Currently, a good Friday involves me being outside doing something that requires a lot of sweat. But one day I will become like one of my favorite drummers and mowers, Mr Bwack himself from the David Crowder Band.

What say You:

What is your favorite Friday Afternoon Activity?


Honorable mention: having a pizza and a beer. Cannot argue with that one.

Your life is a book or to be trendy we can call it a story. Inside this book or story there are chapters, you find each chapter or sections of your life in different stages and experiences. You could have just completed chapter 2, finishing college, or maybe you are in the middle of a chapter. Wherever you are, you are writing a story.

The greatest thing about books is the ability to look back at chapters that you have completed. Knowing that each chapter builds upon itself and that you can continue to reflect back on what you have read or wrote. Your life is filled with chapters that you have written and can look back on and see where you have come from. These chapters have been filled with joy, pain, confusion, excitement and fear. But most importantly these chapter in your story are who you are.

Right now I am moving on to my next chapter. Pretty exciting huh? Its easy for me to miss chapters of my life. They go by so fast that before I know it I am writing the epilogue to my story. Reflecting back over the last 23 years I have realized that each chapter has been woven together in ways that I did not foresee in chapter one or two. A lot of the time, I had nothing to do with this process. I was just the main character that was inside of the story.

Right now my story is getting good. Conflict has been introduced. A desire of wanting something has entered the picture. Like any good book I have no clue where the book is going and how it will end, all I know is that my life is a story and I want to write and live a good story.

What part of the story (your life) are you on?


I will be at the Orange Conference for the rest of the week.
Pretty excited to be here, and more importantly, excited to hang out with the team that is the 8BIT Network.

I will be kind of roaming around the conference watching, listening, and interacting.
One cool thing is I will be posting content from the conference on all of the 8BIT sites:

So if you cannot make it to the conference and want to know what is going on, go and check out these blogs and you will feel like you are there.
Also be sure to check out the live stream for some pretty cool stuff. I will be hanging out there as well.

One thing that I wanted to do was kind of a choose your own destiny type thing, but with me.

So what is one person, thing, story that you would like to hear from at the Orange Conference?

Check out the website and see who is speaking (go here) for ideas. Or maybe it is something you want me to find. Or maybe it is a breakout session that you want me to attend (breakouts are here). Whatever it is, let me know and I will try and deliver.

Check back in and see where and what I have done.


Also I will have another blog post up later today for you to read and think about, maybe even an interview or story from the conference…that depends on your suggestions.

How do you stop a habit and start a movement?

The Habit: Continuing to only worry about one self and what I can get out of each situation.

The Movement: Providing people with resources and mentoring to connect them with their dreams.

What is a habit you want to stop and a movement you want to start?


First impressions are not the only impression that you can make on people.
I remember being so concerned with how I appeared to people, what they thought of me, and how I could make a great first impression on them. I would watch friends who seemed to make great first impression. The ease they displayed left me amazed and wondering how I could be more like them? After a while I gave up trying to be a great first impression guy and instead be someone who left an impression.

If you have never heard of Lynn Laughlin he has probably heard of you, or at least knows your name. Lynn Laughlin is a legend at Lincoln Christian University (where I went to school) and really all over the Mid West. The thing that sets Lynn apart from anyone that I know is his unbelievable ability to remember peoples names. My junior year of college I was a student representative that regularly gave tours to prospective students and parents. I was in the middle of a tour and Lynns name was brought up. The dad talked about how he had met Lynn 1o years before and was wondering if he was still around. I said that he was and at that moment I looked up to see Lynn walking towards us. He was headed to the cafeteria (where we just came from) and stopped to talk with us. Knowing that I was giving a prospective student a tour he did his due diligence to talk about the school and what the student what interested in. At the end of the conversation Lynn thanked both the parents by name and said how great it was to see them. He even went on to talk about how he had remembered them from before. That it had been years since he had seen them last and was happy to see them on campus. We all walked away in amazement that Lynn remembered them. The next semester this prospective student became a current student. I think Lynn Laughlin knowing their names had something to do with that.

In my heist to make sure that I made a great first impression I often handicapped myself to leave any impression. I was so concerned with what I was doing and going say that I forgot one of the most crucial things, listening. I started to make it a priority to remember people’s names. To not focus on what I was going to say next, but instead listen to what they had to say. Honestly, I become more concerned about leaving a lasting impression then a first impression.

Sometimes it seems that we are all about those first time encounters. We wear our best clothes, put on our best face, and make sure that we put forward the best impression. I wonder  if trying to have such a great first impression we set ourselves up for failure in the future? That we become so concerned about looking good that when people really start to get to know us they do not see the person they first met. Getting past that first initial time of meeting you realize that we are all average people that do not have everything figured out and perfect. This brings me great comfort knowing that I will not be judged on first impressions but will be known by my lasting impression.Because in the end we will not remember the first time we met but the last time we talked.

What is one way you try and make an impression on people?



Sunday provides us a day to relax, reflect, and refuel. On Sunday’s I like to sit back and ask a couple of questions. Maybe it sounds a little like those awkward games you play with people you do not know so that you can get to know each other better.
Lets just call Question(s) for You.

You can answer them all or just one

1) What is one State/City you would like to visit?

2) What do you do for a living?

3) If you could only watch one television show for a year straight (new episodes would be involved), what would that show be?

Answer them all or just one….these are questions for you.


Question: What is Your Favorite Desktop App or 3rd Party App that you use?

Mine: Right now I am really liking Focus Booster. This is a free and simple tool that helps you (well helps me) focus. It provides a timer that allows you to set the desired time that you want to spend on something. After the allotted time it gives you a five minute break and then resets itself to start you again. Pretty cool tool that is very simple and easy to use, and it is free.

What say You:

What is your favorite desktop app, 3rd party app, iPhone or Android app, or any other type of app out there?


Honorable mention: seesmic desktop, the best twitter client out there in the world. Love this thing. Check it