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Okay watch both of these videos and then tell me which one is better.

Both will make you laugh, both are funny for different reasons.

I say its a tie.

These videos are provided to us by John Saddington and Blaine Hogan. Check them out.

I am a big Sufjan Stevens fan and have been waiting for a new album for a while now.
Wait no more.

Here is a first listen from NPR:

For more info you can read here

You have a favorite Sufjan song?


Well, not exactly disappearing, at least taking a break. I mean if I could disappear I sure wouldn’t be telling you about my powers.

Simply, I am taking a week long social media break.

After some great conversations, challenges, and just the need to take a break I have decided to take the week “off”. I do not know what will come of this, all I know is that for a while now social media (ie:twitter) has taken over my life and controls my actions, mood, and happiness. Its not that I have a huge need for followers, is that I have a huge desire for conversations.

For a year and a half now I have been without a normal job. Mainly I have been on my own doing whatever I can. Part of the issue with this is that I miss out on the office conversations, meetings, and personal interaction. I usually will turn to twitter to meet this need. It is kind of like my water cooler conversation except for it happens for about 18 hours a day.

I have been needing to make this decision for a while now. The reason that I have not is simply because I feel like I can’t. Simply put, I feel if I step away from social media I will miss out on something. Maybe its my big shot, maybe its a chance at an @reply or a retweet, whatever it is, I feel like if I am not there I will be missing out.

For to long I have been looking at things 5 feet away. I need to step back and get a 35,000 foot view (love this idea from Stephen Proctor aka @worshipvj).

I think this will be very refreshing, challenging, and will bring about some clarity.

A couple of things that I ask of you…

1) hold me accountable to this. If you see me on twitter yell at me.

2) take the challenge yourself. Would love for you to evaluate your social media use and even join me in this challenge.

I stil haven’t decided if I will be blogging. We will see how I feel. But I do know that I will not be on twitter for the week, at least that is if I can make it :)



The conference version.

So get out your trendy iPads, your messenger style bags, your Rob Bell glasses, and your best plaid shirt and grab a seat, there are Question(s) for You, conference style.

Thursday and Friday I got to partake in an amazing conference called the Story Conference. It was held in Chicago and was a two day event that stretched my ability to process, learn, and ideate, but also left me inspired and ready to share. Getting to connect with a ton of twitter friends and make new friends as well was probably my favorite part of story conference. So as I prepared some questions for you today I decided to ask some conference questions.

1) The best conference you have ever been to was….?

2)Your favorite part of a conference is?

3) Most awkward moment at a conference was?

While we are on this subject, what conferences will you be attending this year?

Answer them all or just one….these are Questions for You.


This is dead on. Like MTV programing or not, but I think the opening thoughts from Judy is a brilliant idea.

Your thoughts?