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Ummmmm, ya

In 2005 I spent the summer in Joplin MO on an internship with a summer teen conference. I lived on a college campus and shared a room with a guy I knew from college. I remember specifically one day a discussion we had about a book he was reading. The book was called the Perks of Being a Wallflower. As I sat there listening to him describe the book and what it was about the only thing I heard was how great it was to sit on the sidelines and watch. I remember going to bed that night feeling sad about the idea of sitting back and watching. I felt like I was being called to be a bystander and not a participant.

This past week I have been reminded of what it means to be a bystander and a participant. I was reminded of the results and outcome of both.

As a bystander I sat and watched
As a participant I moved and acted

As a bystander I become bitter and regretful
As a participant I was happy and energized

As a bystander I missed out on opportunities
As a participant I created opportunities

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Sunday provides us a day to relax, reflect, and refuel. On Sunday’s I like to sit back and ask a couple of questions. Maybe it sounds a little like those awkward games you play with people you do not know so that you can get to know each other better.

Lets just call it Question(s) for You.

You can answer them all or just one

1) Where did you go to college?

2) What is one household chore that you absolutely hate doing?

3) When you are at an event that the national anthem is being played you….Sing or Just stand there in Silence?

Answer them all or just one….these are questions for you.


Living in Nashville has provided me a lot of opportunities to see people from “the industry”

What is the “industry”? Great question. I guess it is what the fancy people call the music industry or as you and I like to call them rock stars.

Almost every day I see someone who I think might be in “the industry” but I never know if they are and for that matter who they are, that was until today.

I have come up with a method that will probably change your celeb sighting/stalking habits for life. It is a method that I have had to develop out of necessity, the necessity that is the nagging feeling of knowing that you are in the presence of someone famous but have no clue if they truly are who they pretend to be.

Now there are the easy celeb sightings, the Ben Folds, Bono’s and Nicole Kidmans of the world. Those are layups. This method is more for the challenging celebs that you want to believe they are someone but don’t have a clue who they really are.

My friend Jeremy was telling me a story about how he saw the drummer from the Black Keys the other day. He said the only reason he knew it was him was because he watched their performance on Saturday Night Live. The issue is though, we do not always have those opportunities to see people on SNL the night before, you have to be quick on your feet and steady with your eyes (who knows what that means).

Here is my method for spotting celebrities
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Is there such a thing as a humble Retweet? (more info on what exactly a ReTweet is found here)

Sure, you might be ReTweeting someone else’s post, but what about a ReTweet that mentions you? How do you handle that?

I am often conflicted on this. Knowing that most people see through those twitter users that seem to use their account to make sure you know how awesome they are, but also knowing that it is a form of communication, excitement, and sharing with the world what you are doing. I have not landed on a definite answer.

I remember talking to one author right around the time his latest book was released. He told me he felt bad for always ReTweeting people who had said something kind about the book or left a review but that he felt required to do this because people that tweeted it out expected it from him.

I have also talked to others who lament at the thought of reading all the ReTweets from certain twitter users who seem to only talk about themselves and not anyone else. They see it as more of a who has the “biggest stick” type of thing.

So where do you fall on this? How do you handle ReTweeting something that someone says about you?
It could be nice, you could go the Derek Webb way and just ReTweet criticism, or you could just @ reply or DM them a thank you.

Oh and will you ReTweet this post :)


The more you show up the more chances you will have.

Sounds very simple, but I think some of the greatest people (or those that we wish we could be) are those that have showed up.

What is showing up?

Showing up is finding things to show up to. Those events, dinners, friends moving day, serving opportunity, coffee appointment type of things. You cannot show up if you have nothing to show up to.

Showing up is actually showing up. I know you are amazed at my wisdom, but I have found that if the first half of showing up is finding something to show up to, then the last half is following through and showing up. It is amazing what your psyche can do when you give it time to talk you out of doing something. The brilliance of opportunity is that you were there to grab it.

Showing up is being fully present. I am learning that even though I am physically there I still have to be mentally there. Some might interpret this as “being on” like its a game or competition, but its more about being fully present and aware of those around you. Not just looking to get things for yourself, but willing to help others. Not just wanting to only talk about your dream but willing to listen to your neighbors dream. Not just looking for what you can get out of the situation, but what you can give to the situation. Because you can find things to show up to and even show up to them, but if only half of you shows up, you might as well have stayed home to watch Oprah.

I had a friend in college who never missed a class or a chapel (I went to a Bible College). I remember asking him one day, “why do you go to every single class and chapel?” His response: “Because I do not want to miss something. I do not want to miss that very thing God has been trying to tell me all semester, or that one point that I needed to hear to make everything click, or meet that one person that I will work with the rest of my life. If I skip I could be missing out on the opportunity of a lifetime.” Those words still stick with me today, if I never show up how can I ever expect any opportunity.

Today my one thing I am focusing on is showing up. It is making that phone call that I have been putting off. It is following through with a commitment. It is taking a risk and reaching out to someone I do not know but would like to know. It is showing up for an event that I have never been to. It is going after the very thing that scares me to death.

I hope you show up today.

What are you learning about life?


Today’s Music Tuesday is a band that most have not heard of but I am sure will be a fan of after listening to a couple of songs. Today’s feature is Deas Vail. A band out of Arkansas that closely resembles an updated version of Death Cab For Cutie with a hint of Jimmy Eat World. You might be wondering what exactly is a Deas Vail? Loosely translated, Deas Vail means “Humble servant of God”. I think you will really enjoy their music.

I have included their latest album as well as their first album in the playlist for your listening pleasure. This is a keeper, so be sure and tell some friends what you are listening to by sharing the link to this post here:


I know you cannot hear this goodness in your rss reader, come on over to the site to listen by clicking here


buy their album here