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moving forward

All this language about shipping can be confusing, at least to me. Maybe more overwhelming then confusing, shipping seems to be grandiose idea of making great stuff. When really it is a decision to just do the work. You ever wonder what are some things you could ship? (in a non FEDEX or UPS way)

You could decide to ship…

  • A blog post every day.
  • 800 words on paper every day.
  • One new creative idea.
  • 25 minutes reading a book.
  • 30 minutes on the treadmill.
  • One conversation with an old friend.
  • A home cooked meal.
  • 25 pushups.
  • A hand written letter.
  • A difficult conversation.
  • Make a cup of tea.
  • Start a new diet.
  • Email your favorite author or blogger for an interview.
  • 15 minutes of meditating in silence.
  • A scavenger hunt around your city.
  • A photo a day. (A PSD a day)
  • One less refresh of twitter or a facebook.

Often the temptation of shipping is to focus on the biggest scale rather then focusing on the everyday. Think about the last time you shipped something that weighed over ten or twenty pounds. That probably cost you more then you wanted to pay. Why? Because of the weight, UPS or FedEx had to treat what you were shipping differently. It had its own special delivery. Just like shipping something that is big cost you more then you want to spend, shipping a big project will cost you as well.

Focus on shipping every day and before you know it the amount you can ship will get bigger.

What would you add to the list?


Nothing. The simple answer is this absurdity does not happen. Why? Because we know that firemen put out fires. They do not make traffic stops, get in gun fights or eat donuts. Instead they focus on keeping people safe from fire.


What happens when every day people start to write? An oddity occurs. The oddity of personal passion and public pursuit. The desire to share something but also the desire to be known for sharing something. It can quickly shift from personal to public. The oddity occurs when we start to downplay personal passion and focus on public pursuit.

Part of the problem with living in the information age is that we can watch videos, read books, and even see traffic stops in action, but it doesn’t make us a cop. We just become pretenders with no real authority.

The draw to take shortcuts to notoriety never works. It is an imitation that will quickly be found out. It requires starting every day and realizing that it is a slow burn, your motives start to shift and the pressure starts to cease.

Seth Godin was asked recently about this post and it’s origin. His answer was that it took him 20 hours to finish the post. What seemed to be something that he sat down one morning and scribbled out a list post of ideas to gain traffic in reality took him 20 hours total of writing, editing, and refining.

Julien Smith was asked about this post and said that it took him weeks to write and edit. Even to the point of stressing over which italics to use on certain words. What was a post that certain led to a lot of change for a lot of people was something meticulously crafted for weeks. Not something he wrote before he went to bed the night before.

Sometimes things are not always as they seem. 

The reason firefighters focus on putting out fires and not arresting people is because they do not have the time to focus on both. They have the task of knowing everything they can about fires and how to prevent them. You have the task of being faithful to your craft, letting it breathe, and being true to your calling. Realizing that just because it seems that the people you admire seem to put out great content overnight but really work hours to refine their craft is one of the first steps in this process.

Focus on your fire and do the work.

Monday’s are always bittersweet. For most they hang on the shoulders as a burden. The weekend is over, time to go back to work and time to face all the challenges that come with Monday.

More conflict.
More drama.
More uncertainty.
More denial.
More bitterness.
More depression.
More doubt.
Monday does not always present itself in the greatest way.

But what if Monday represented a whole lot more?

Opportunity to grow.
Opportunity to learn.
Opportunity to develop relationships.
Opportunity to seize the day.

Monday does represent more. Monday starts another chance to grab opportunity.
It comes down to which opportunities you will take.