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If you looked at my internet history from yesterday you would wonder why I spent so much time on and women’s sections. Trust me, I was wondering the same thing. But the reason my internet history seems odd was that I was putting the finishing touches up on gifts for my sisters.

As you can image, when you are searching the internet for deals and gifts, you have some time to think. Whether it be what you want to eat for dinner, why your hands are always so cold, or how many cups of coffee you have had today, sometimes your mind wonders. This particular time of searching for Christmas gifts my mind wondered to what this Christmas would be like…

Opening presents
Eating a big breakfast
Fire crackling in the fireplace
NBA basketball
Eating Christmas ham

But as I thought more about the true spirit of Christmas I could not help but see it captured in Christmas eve tradition of eating Chinese food after attending Christmas eve service with my family. Or waking up early on Christmas day to check what is under the tree. Or spending the entire day with just your family, no schedule, no agenda, just family. My mind continued to go to what mattered the most, celebrating with those you love.

So as I searched the women’s section online trying to find that last minute deal for my sisters, I could not help but think about another Christmas where I get to spend it with family.

Do you have any Christmas day traditions?




It is amazing to think back about all that has happened in 2012.

What is your favorite moment of 2012?