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Meet my Dad Gary Reed.

You might not know him, but there has never been a more influential man to walk this earth in the last 50 years. He is one of my best friends, mentors and encouragers I have. I wish everyone had a Dad like him, his influence on anyones life would easily change the world.

My Dad has the unique ability to listen well. Not only does he listen well, but he ask questions instead of giving instructions and through these questions helps you discover the answer together. The influence my Dad has had on my life is something I can never measure nor forget.

This is my Dad. He is one of the greatest human beings I know. I want you to know him too, you’ll be better for it.


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Meet my friend Ketric Newell

I have known Ketric for the past few years as I have not only worked alongside him at Cross Point but also have developed a great friendship with him. Ketric has been a friend that encourages me to love more. He has this ability to not only disarm people from fear and worry, but to show them they are loved. Ketric consistently teaches me what it means to believe the best about people.

I want you to know Ketric because he will not only be a great friend but your biggest cheerleader. I spend a lot of time in Ketric’s office talking about life, relationships, and Jesus. His door is always open to my struggles and worries. Ketric has a way of helping me see past the present fear and into the future peace.

This is my friend Ketric. He is someone I look to for guidance and wisdom on a daily basis, and consistently challenges me to love more.

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Meet my friend Jeremy Chandler.

I have known Jeremy for over two years now.
We both arrived to Nashville at the same time and quickly became friends over pizza at Mafiaoza’s.

Why am I introducing you to Jeremy?
Because he is someone that I want you to know.
Jeremy has a unique gift of making everyone around him feel comfortable. He not only speaks words of encouragement to people, but truly listens to everything they are saying.

Recently I was meeting with Jeremy over coffee and we spent about 45 minutes just talking about me. That is the kind of guy Jeremy is, instead of talking about himself his first question is always, so tell me what is new with you. Not only does he ask those questions he continues to ask more questions until you realize that not only does he truly care about you, but he has spent most of the time just breathing encouragement into your day.

This is my friend Jeremy (and his wife Mary). He is a one of a kind guy that I truly am better for knowing.
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This is part  of a series on Productivity Hacking. You can read the rest here

Productivity has one main goal: get things done.
One of the best ways to be more productivity is to use momentum.
Momentum is found in things that we accomplish.
The more we accomplish, the more momentum we find to a do more things.

My productivity hack for getting things done is to find momentum in the little things I do.


Momentum is hard to understand. But I started to see its impact when I chose to wake up early rather than sleep.
For the longest time I would sleep in till I had to get up and go to work. Thinking I was getting more rest for my day, but realizing that I was tired and overwhelmed by my daily to-do list, the time that I used for sleep was robbing me of momentum for my day.

That all changed when I decided to start waking up early and reading. Arising 3 hours before I had to go to work set off productivity momentum that carried me through the day. It had nothing to do for when I woke up, it had everything to do with the small wins that I accomplished in that time.

Regardless of if you are a morning person or a late night person, finding that momentum to push you over the edge is the key to getting anything done.
Productivity hacking comes down to finding ways to get wins. And when I talk about wins I am specifically focusing on getting things done.

Wins could be…

-Write a long overdue blog post
-Read a chapter of a book
-Make yourself breakfast
-Do 20 minutes of stretching
-Take the dog for a walk
-Have a meaningful conversation before 8AM
-Go for a late night run

Momentum really has nothing to do with time of day, but rather when you complete your task. Momentum builds upon itself and moves you forward to bigger things. Instead of starting out with the goal of writing a thousand words when you wake up, set the goal of writing 3 tweets for the day. Instead of trying to come up with an idea to make more revenue, focus on 2 small steps towards your previous idea on revenue generation.

If you watch any baseball, you know that sometimes a rally starts with a walk. If someone gets on base it could be the spark that gets the team going. Next thing you know, the bases are loaded, your best hitter is at the plate and hits a grand slam to put your team up by 4 runs. The rally had to start somewhere, and it started with that small win of the first guy getting on base.

Momentum comes down to finding those little wins that will lead you to accomplishing the next step until you have reached the top of your dream.

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I am full of ideas.
Probably to many ideas.
And if I am not careful I get more caught up in coming up with ideas verses executing ideas.
I am going to go out on a limb and say you might be the same way.

I talked more about how I come up with ideas here

Here is something I have been trying lately…make commitments. 

If you want to design custom furniture, tell someone you will design them a custom dresser by the end of the month.
If you want to design logos, offer to design a logo for a friend by the end of the week.
If you want to write a book, tweet that you have a book releasing this Fall.
If you want to start an antique booth, put down a 3 month deposit on a space.

Because ideas do not become something until we make a commitment to them. And if I know anything about ideas they are full of excitement with a backlash of fear. Don’t let either of those things kill your ideas, let commitments be the thing that drives you forward to execute.

 Check out Tyler Brauns post about getting stuff done

I love discovering new music.
And just as much as I love discovering I love sharing as well.

Here are some new discoveries for your ears. (some might be new, old or semi-used). I have listed each with a link to their album on Rdio. This is by far the best music service out there not only for the UI but also for the social components

Local Natives: Gorilla Manor and Hummingbird
Lord Huron: Lonesome Dreams
The Lone Bellow: The Lone Bellow
Sleeping at Last: Atlas:Darkness
LEAGUES: Spotlight
Yo La Tango: Fade
Tyler Bryant and the Shake Down: Wild Child
Frightened Rabbits: The Winter Of Mixed Dreams
Walk the Moon: Walk the Moon
Fiction Family: Fiction Family Reunion
Hammock: Departure Songs
Rend Collective Experiment: Campfire
Tegan and Sara: Heartthrob
Lights and Motion: Reanimation
Brandi Carlile: Bear Creek
Meredith Andrews: Worth It All

This should keep you busy for a while.
Follow me on Rdio to see my full collection here

Have you listened to any of these albums?
Want to add in a few of your own to the list? Share them below.

Ideas for getting experience

I tweeted this recently based off a conversation that I had with a friend about coming up with an idea for a problem.

Ideas are easy for me. I have them all the time. And in a lot of situations these ideas are centered around a need. But after my conversation with my friend, I started to think about where ideas come from. And as I looked at all my ideas, they almost always centered around a conversation, inspiration, an event, a circumstance or another friend. It was all based off of experiences. Ideas are shaped by experiences I have each day. My ideas are only as good as my experiences.

So how do we get more great ideas?
Do more stuff. That is it, simply put, experience more things.

It is kind of a weird thought, to come up with something new you have to go off of something old. But, if I have seen anything come from my ideas it is all based off of past experiences.