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Life has many phases to it, I like to think of them as chapters.

I remember the chapter I closed when I moved out of my parents house and started my freshmen year of college. Or the most recent one of moving to an entirely different state. I closed one chapter and moved to the next exciting chapter of life only to be met with many new revelations and life lessons.
And as I have looked back at the different chapters of my life I can see that a new chapter is about to begin.

In July I am getting married.

A few thoughts as I am about to get married…

1. Doing life alone is much different then doing life together.

It is crazy how much life changes when you start to seriously put someone else ahead of you. Not only do you realize how selfish you were/are, but you realize how much more aware you are of others and their needs.

2. My priorities have changed. 

For 26 years of my life my priorities have been mainly about me. Many times I have made it a priority to serve others, but in the long run I have focused on myself. Introducing someone else into your life can change all of that. You now have a physical example in front of you who not only wants to be your priority but also wants you to be her priority. My priorities have moved from mine to ours.

3. I understand Christ love better.

Being a Christian, I have known the love of Christ since I was a very young child. Understanding the unconditional love of Christ has never been something that I have greatly struggled with, my parents have modeled this well. But understanding the sacrificial love of Christ has never been clearer in the many times that my love has called for me to be selfless. Comprehending the grace of love that I receive each day and the hope that it gives, has caused me to be a better man and future husband.

4. I truly do not understand how selfish I truly am.

Have I said this already? I know I can be selfish, but I never realized how truly selfish I can be. But I have found mysel in certain situation sinking to new lows when it comes to getting my way. This has been a grand revelation to me, having to lay down my selfish gains every day will be one of the greatest challenges I will ever face but will also be one of the greatest victories I will gain.

5. No one tells you how many emotions are involved. 

I am not a very emotional guy. The last time I cried was 10 years ago. But as I have gotten closer to starting this new chapter, I have noticed that my emotions are new and different. As a man, there is nothing wrong with showing emotions, but being a man that didn’t know he had these emotions is a whole other thing. The part that continues to surprise me is how many different things are seen differently when emotions are involved.

I cannot think of any other woman to start this new chapter with than you Ginny.



The platform that you are reading this blog on has something in common with all social networks…it was started by a 20 something.
Matt Mullenweg started wordpress almost 10 years to the day (May 27th, 2003) in his early 20’s which was not a unique thing for a 20 something in those days. In fact, facebook, twitter, tumblr and many more social networks were all started by 20 somethings who had a new way of envisioning the web.

With the recent news that yahoo has acquired tumbrl for 1.1 billion dollars it was another ringing endorsement for a social network that people doubted was profitable or sustainable. And for that matter, that a 20 something could start, maintain, grow and sustain a business was unheard of.

As a 20 something, who is looking to learn, grow and lead, the battle continues to wage on in how do I get the most out of my 20’s? The common response to this stage has been “wait your turn.”

But more and more, 20 somethings are doing amazing things and not waiting in line to get into the game. They are not waiting to get the right connections, gain the valuable internships or for that matter go to school.

It leads me to ask the question, why don’t more organizations, churches, businesses let 20 somethings participate?

The short answer that I have heard: experience.
But in reality this seems to be one of the biggest excuses I have heard.
Experience comes down to what you have experienced. Depending on how you grew up, you have been placed in several situations that have forced you to lead, take responsibility and even speak up, all before the age of 20. Experience doesn’t wait until you turn 20, it starts the day you were born.

But in reality this answer is probably not one you can fully capture here, but the response is inevitable.
20 somethings will continue to leave to create their own game. They will go where they can be creative, free and encouraged. They will be in places where they can create something that could be worth something. And they wont wait to get experience by watching, they will be experience by leading, experimenting and sharing. 

It is time to get in the game.

20 somethings: start creating now and don’t ask permission
Everyone else: remember that we are wanting to learn from you, but we also want to be heard by you. We are always watching what you are doing, but also looking to be heard, valued and remembered. Help us fail and learn, but also help us succeed.

For a list of 20 something bloggers go here

In the good ole days I had a pretty good memory.
The good ole days were before iPhone’s, Moleskins, and any other cool thing I could use to write things on.
Today, in my older age I have to write things down. In fact if I don’t write it down it likely will never happen.

On the left is a picture of my iPhone home screen. I have been on a hunt over the last 3 months trying to find a nice blend of productivity/calendar apps that help me remember as well as execute ideas, commitments and meetings. Here are the three that are making it work.

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1. Tempo

Tempo Calendar App
This by far is the best Calendar app I have used yet. What do car guys say, you should see under the hood? Well you should see under this apps hood. It is not only beautifully designed but under the hood is where it really shines. It is one of the most intelligent apps I have on my phone (yes even smarter then Siri). As I enter in information about when, where, what and why it stats to search my emails, contacts and texts and pulls them together inside this app to alert me to all the info I would need for upcoming meetings, appointments and events. I have found myself checking it often to be reminded of different things I have going throughout the day. It has kept me on task and organized. A must have for anyone looking for an upgrade in calendar.

Screen Shot 2013-05-16 at 10.54.20 AM

This app is my one stop shop for any task I need to get done in the day. Whether it be a reminder to pay a bill, make a phone call or smile more, keeps these task simple and right in front of me. Another beautiful designed app the home screen doesn’t overwhelm you with options but instead ask you what you need to do and when you need to do get it done. And a great bonus, it has a Chrome Extension that makes it even easier to use. Here is a great review written up about it as well that walks you through each function.

3. Thinglist
Thinglist App
This is an app I wish I had about 4 years ago. I am a big resource type of guy. I love to share things I have found with other as well as I love to discover new things. But I have never had the ability to actually capture these resources in a nice easy way. I have tried evernote, notepad, emails to myself, and other productivity apps and they never seem to stick. This app has been my go to for remembering all the things I want to check out.
Whether it is a book, song, restaurant, drink or countless other things, Thinglist presents a home screen that allows you to choose the category you are want to remember, enter in the information and store it away for future reference. This is another must have app for anyone looking to remember that band your friend told you to check out, or the book you have been hearing everyone talk about.

Love these posters created by Anderson Design Company located here in Nashville, TN.

A&S_Posters11 ACL-poster2 Food_posters2A food_posters3

Mom, today is your day.
Today is your day because 364 days you make it our day. You selflessly care for each of us in ways that only a mother could.
And as the wold looks to the women in their lives that have meant so much to them, I look to you Mom and see someone who is worthy of celebrating.

For all the times that I have called and you have answered…thank you!
For all the times you have sent me encouraging letters and emails…thank you!
For all the sporting events you have sat through and always had something encouraging to yell…thank you!
For all the times you came home after working 8 plus hours to cook us dinner…thank you!
For all the ways you have shown me what a woman of God looks like…thank you!
For the many times you have given me grace..thank you!
For making me hamburger helper…thank you!

Today the celebration of you does not stop, in fact it serves as a reminder for all the amazing things you do for us each and every day. Yes today is mothers day, but truthfully every day is mothers day. Because every day you deserve to hear thank you and I love you. 

Mom, thank you and I love you.


Tuesday I was working on a video piece for my job.
Now to clarify, I do not edit video, my job is to stick to websites and design, but I found myself completely a video mashup of a message (seen here and found myself with 8 minutes of footage and needing to cut it down to 2:30 minutes of footage.

As I was dialoguing with our video editor about cutting the project down he said something interesting.

“The job of the editor is to be unemotionally about the footage, but emotionally attached to the story,”

I had never thought of it that way before. I was trying to cram all the footage into one story, instead of letting editing the story into the paramaters that were in front of me.

Read the rest over on @medium here

There is a temptation to play it safe.
I struggle with this every single day.

The temptation is to stick with what you know, talk more then actually doing things and provides opinions rather then solutions.

Safety is a value we are taught from a very young age. Things like looking both ways before you cross, not touching the stove or talking to strangers are all things that keep us safe. But inside this safety that protects us we start to get so comfortable with this place that we confuse what we are suppose to not play safe.

Life is not meant to be safe.
There is no hall of fame for those that play it safe.

We don’t celebrate safe decisions, we celebrate those that take risk.
We don’t mimic those that never stepped out, we mimic those that jumped without the safety net.

The temptation every day is to play it safe, but the only way to truly live is to step out from safety, embrace the unknown and live where safety cannot be found.