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Recently I had the privilege of talking with Shaun King about his recent Kickstarter campaign to write a book about how to develop 100 life goals that you can accomplish. This project grabbed my attention first because it was from Shaun, and he has released some amazing stuff in the past 3 years, but second because he wrote a post on his blog about creating life goals. That post stuck with me for the past 2 years and I have been working on creating these goals ever since. I am excited about this project and to get my hands on it to further my goals and come up with even more audacious ideas.

Grab some coffee and let’s chat with Shaun King.

1. What is a life goal?

A life goal is a dream with an actionable plan behind it. Most of us fail to accomplish even a few of our life goals because we fail to take them from dream stage to plan stage. As long as the ideas we have are just abstract mind movies lacking steps or momentum, they will tend to remain stuck in that stage.

2. How has creating life goals changed what you do today?

Creating life goals has allowed me to accomplish more in the past 5 years than I accomplished in the first 30 combined. I used to really find myself spinning my wheels with so many of the thoughts, dreams, and ideas that were on mind. I found the same thing was true with so many of my friends and colleagues. It wasn’t until we started setting clear life goals with plans behind them that we really felt a true sense of momentum and accomplishment.

3. Why should we create life goals?

Very few life goals are ever achieved on accident!

Every single person reading this has hopes and dreams that have all taken longer to accomplish than they ever imagined. We often take more time getting directions on Google Maps than we actually do mapping out the trajectory of our lives. Live goals give you direction and squeeze value out of every moment in life.

4. Why does life seem to get more about our schedule rather then our goals?

GREAT QUESTION! When you don’t take real time out to plan your life, this just means somebody else is planning it for you – your job, your boss, whoever. When you don’t have a real framework in place to guide your life, the frameworks that other people create for you will set themselves up as your default framework and you’ll find yourself living the life that others want you to live. The halfway hilarious thing about this is that when you don’t have your own framework and plan in place to achieve your goals, it probably means you are spending most of your time helping other people achieve theirs.

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