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There is something about starting a new. Whether it is an adventure, job, relationship, journey, or project; starting anything brings about emotions unfelt since the last adventure.

The belief is, fear comes from starting, and there sure is fear in starting, but the gripping fear, the fear that causes us to quit, come from finishing.
Can you do the job? Will people like you? Will you be happy? What’s next? Those are the questions fear thinks about when starting a new adventure. And listening long enough to the questions of fear will cause your adventure to end faster then it started.

But if fear is absent, this adventure is nothing more then a normality. Fear lets us classify it as an adventure. Because without fear, without nerves,it would just be another day at the office, another walk down an aisle, another baby born in to the world. Fear brings about the adventure.

Go where the fear speaks the loudest and grab on, you are about to take an adventure.

Here’s to starting new adventures.


Plugins are an essential element of any blog. For any blog, the turn-key ability to literally plug something in and have it function immediately is one of the best features about wordpress. Plugins provide the ability to add to your site features that you cannot add on your own.

With over 260,000 plugins to choose from, finding just the right ones can be the hardest part of having plugins. Adding to many plugins will tremendously slow down your site, but adding in the right plugins will greatly enhance your site.

These are the 5 plugins that I install immediately on every wordpress site I have:
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Iwant to make my blog applicable to your needs and interests. To do that, I need to know more about you. As a result, I have created this reader survey to hear from you. This will greatly help me moving forward with more relevant content suited just for you, the reader.

The survey is easy to fill out. And the best part is the survey results are completely anonymous. I will have no clue who said what. And it will only take 2 minutes of your time.

Thank you in advance for you help.

Create your free online surveys with SurveyMonkey , the world’s leading questionnaire tool.


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I have come to figure something out about myself, I love to collect resources.
I have a folder on my computer of 1700 website screen shots. I have 17 notebooks in my evernote full of resources. I have several different apps that allow me to capture any and every resource from around the web. I love finding resources.

Pinterest has become one of my favorite places to capture resources.
It is my resourcing dream home.

Best Pinterest Board

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Remember 3 or 4 years ago when podcast were all the rage?
I had about 15 podcast that I would try and listen to every week. That trend carried on for about a year and then podcast disappeared as fast as Rebecca Black’s career.

Now it is 2013, and podcast have made a return.
Why this return in podcast love? One reason could be that bloggers, thought leaders, and entrepreneurs are looking for new streams to spread their message. Podcasting has not been a huge attention grabber in the last 2-3 years. The noise has been left to a minimal hummmmmm. (Check out this podcast that just started up that I am working with Pew Party Podcast)

Podcasting is a great way for you to redeem your time. Whether it is on the drive to work, when you are exercising, or mowing the lawn.


1. Smart Passive Income

Pat Flynn is the founder of smart passive income and he truly is smart and makes a decent income. What I like about Pat’s show is the humble way he approaches entrepreneurship. His goal is to leave you inspired and prepared to make an income while you sleep. Ever week he features great guest and content.

Here are 2 episodes I would start with if i was you:
Noah Kagan of App Summo
Nathan Berry and pricing structure that works

2. The Human Business Way

He might not call it a podcast, but it definitely is a podcast worth checking out. Chris Brogan has made a goal of recording 100 episodes of his “radio show” Human Business Way. He has some great interviews that are full of wisdom. And the show last about 25 minutes. It is a very easy listen.

Here are 2 episodes I would start with if i was you:
Jeff Goins on writing
Seth Godin on Marketing Art
Noah Kagan on being an entrepreneur 

3. Think Digital

My friend Justin Wise is definitely a digital thinker. Watching Justin from afar and how he presents his digital brand, resources, and his ideas is truly inspiring. Now you can listen to him present all those things in one simple place, Think Digital. Justin has some great interviews with guys like Gary Veynerchuck , Michael Stelzner, and Pat Flynn. Definitely a podcast you need in your ears.

Here are 2 episodes I would start with if i was you:
Pat Flynn on building a digital audience
5 Legit ways to earn an online income

These are the podcast that I am currently listening to at the moment (along with about 7 others).

What Podcast would you recommend? 


Living in Nashville has taught me a thing or two about music. Mainly about crafting a great song. When writing a song, one of the most important components is the bridge. The part of the song where the writer moves the listener to a response or a conclusion of the song. If books use plot twist to thicken the plot, songs use the bridge to thicken the weight of their song. The bridge is the part of the song where everything comes together for one face melting moment As my friend Matt Warren likes to say “take me to the bridge.” He says this because he wants to know what the conclussion is, what is the emotion that is going to be evoked out of the song. If a songwriter can write a great bridge, they can write a great song.


For songwriters, the temptation is then to game the system. If all they have to do is write a great bridge then what is the point of writing a great verse or chorus? Why not just skip ahead to the bridge? Yes, the bridge does not exist without the other components of the song. These components, (verse, melody, chorus) don’t always have the same weight as the bridge, but they play an crucial part of the song structure and shape. Without these pieces, the bridge would have nothing to take the listener to, nothing to connect them with. Enough about song writing and structure. What interest me is the way it applies to life? There are times when I am tempted to say “take me to the bridge.” Get me to the parts of my life where I can get some answers, where I can connect the dots, where everything comes together. The bridge can be the safety nets of our lives. Where all of our dreams are coming true. The places where opportunities seem to happen.  But I am learning that the verses and choruses matter just as much as the bridge.  The temptation is to rush over things, to get to the other side…to the conclusion. But life can’t always be about writing the perfect ending to your story. It is filled with so many ups and downs, highs and lows, twist and turns that when the bridge arrives you are able to look back at all that it has taken to get you where you are and celebrate the bridge because you wrote a great verse and chorus. Bridge Typography Graphic