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Have you ever been in a job interview where they asked you if you had any questions for them? I am assured that everyone answered that question with a yes. This critical time where you get to interview them on if this is a right fit for you is available and all you can get out of your mouth is “I don’t think so.”

We both know you have tons of questions, you just don’t know the right ones to ask.

Going through an interview process can be as challenging as any job you will ever do. Getting what you are worth, being picked, and finding the right fit are just a couple of the challenges that you will face when you look for a job.


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1. What is the companies management style?

Are they hands off, task driven, micro-managing? What kind of style do they use to manage their employees is a key ingredient in the success of how well you do your job.
Other questions to ask in this category: Who reports to who and how often do you meet as a staff and specially with your supervisor?

2. How would you describe the responsibilities of this position?

Or are you able to review the job description before or during the interview.
Having a clear direction as to what you will be doing can help you see if this is something you want to be doing. Instead of waiting to figure it out once you get the job, ask for a clear picture before you ever start.

3. What do you see the next five years look like for this company?

And, what does the department’s supervisor envision the goals for the next five years.  Is it to maintain or is it to grow?  If growth, how?
This question is all about the long term view the company has. If they can’t give you an idea of what the next five years looks like this might not be the place for you. This question also shows that you are committed to long-term team work rather then short-term gain.

4. What does a typical work week look like for this position?  Hours expected during a day, days of the week, etc?

This question allows you to see your daily task, meeting schedule, and expectations. This will help you see if your style of working will fit in to the style of operation.

5. What’s the prospect of growth and advancement for myself in the company?

The all important “how much money can I make with this company.” But notice you didn’t ask it in a sleazy way, rather you posed the question in way of advancement and growth. For anyone looking to move forward and find success this question is crucial to know that you can go farther.

Would you add any questions to this list? 


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