3 Resources For Blogging

Kyle Reed // @kylereed

For any blogger out there, resources are the life blood of creation.

Here are 3 resources that I have been using lately.



1. Pocket


Pocket has become my digital resource pocket. Whether I see a resource worth exploring, a story worth reading, or an image worth saving, pocket gives me the ability to save whatever I want for later. This app has allowed me to store away tons of links on the internet. This app can help with any research or resource you need for your blog.

2. Buffer



Buffer is all about maximizing impact and measuring influence. Buffer is the app that allows you to schedule any social media updates for the most impactful time for sharing. Not only does it help you schedule, it picks the best time to send that tweet or facebook update based off of your followers peek times online. After giving you the most impactful time of sending it follows us with analytics of how those post did allowing you to measure their success in your dashboard. One of my favorite ways to use buffer is the app that comes with Chrome. Allowing you to “buffer” any post that you are reading in two clicks. This allows you to share relevant information to your followers.

3. Typeform


Want to run a survey with your readers but don’t want the clunkyness of google and the ugliness of surveymonkey? Typeform introduces a new way to collect data in a visually appealing way for you readers. With several different layouts and options for your questions, typeform lets you focus on the questions rather then worrying about the aesthetics of the design. Wanting to do a reader survey to gather more information about your readers? Typeform is the app just for you.



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  • http://www.robshep.com Rob Shepherd

    Thanks for the info!

    • http://thoughtsaboutnothing.com @kylereed

      No problem Rob, thanks for stopping in

  • bradblackman

    How do you determine your buffering schedule?

    • http://thoughtsaboutnothing.com @kylereed

      This is my schedule

      That is what I try and do.
      Sometimes I will let buffer determine for me when the best time to go as well. But I have stuck to that schedule for a while now and seen decent results.

      • bradblackman

        That sounds about right. I get different results on suggested times to tweet from Manage Flitter and Tweriod. Facebook follows a similar pattern, skewing to the evening. It looks like Twitter skews toward lunch and mid-afternoon.