30 Days of Water-Chapter 1

Kyle Reed // @kylereed

Sidenote: I wanted to make sure that everyone understand that I am joking about this whole 30 days of water experiment and don’t really want to make anyone mad or offend them. I just find it funny that we do everything in 30 days and started my own book and 30 day challenge.

This will probably be the last post for this week because I want to take Nikomas words into advice and see what is happening over the next couple of weeks with this series.

Chapter 1: 30 days of water is impossible
After much thought and actual trying to fast for one day with only water I have come to find that this would be a challenge that would be beyond my discipline. It would be interesting to see the cleansing process of this challenge as well as the weight you would lose (which I could stand to do that), but drinking only water to me is impossible. Now lets move beyond the impossibility of my challenge.

The reason I came up with this challenge is because of the impossibility of the title and that is what I feel like when I hear about a 30 day challenge like most of the 30 day series I hear about. As for all things, there is truth in everything and I like to find that truth. Sometimes it bothers me though when I hear about these challenges, these 30 days of whatever you want to insert.
A couple of questions pop up in my head,
First, why 30 days? I guess because of the month thing or something like that. But is 30 days enough for challenges of purpose and learning and living?
Second, Do these work? Because if they do, then why do we keep doing 30 days of this and 30 days of that. I am trying to remember back to the 30 days series that I last remembered and it seemed like it had something to do with this 30 days to live challenge. It started with 30 days of purpose, which has changed many people lives. I must admit, it was the first book that I ever read, all the way through, without missing a day. So I owe a lot to this book (believe it or not) it has continued my relationship of reading that continues to challenge me everyday. But it seems like we are running out of days here.
Now, I don’t want to sit here and say that it does not work, as stated before 30 days of purpose challenged me. But it seems like, just my opinion, that we are coming up with canned material, packaging it, and telling people to do it and after that 30 days things will be better. I struggle with this, I struggle with the challenge of thinking about what would happen if you were to die in 30 days. I feel like there is a lot more to discuss than just one Sunday, and maybe that will happen. As well, it bothers me that one church starts it and a bunch of other churches do it. Maybe it is my rebellious side coming out, and thinking that I want to do my own thing. I do use other peoples ideas, but it seems like churches are wanting to follow what is trendy and what other churches are doing.
A good example would be this whole advent conspiracy thing that happened at christmas. Great idea and glad that a more simple Christmas was presented. But why did it take this long for one church to start it and then a bunch followed it. Why this year, why not four years ago and so on.
A trend is easy to follow, but not easy to do ( if that makes sense).

Out of all this babling, I am not going against this sermon series. I guess I just want to get beyond a 30 day challenge and let it continue to challenge me for a long time, forever. I feel like sometimes the church uses fear to motivate people to shape up. The end is coming, you better act good, or Jesus is coming back…there are signs everywhere…are you going to heaven, or if you don’t vote for this guy the world will all go to hell. Fear is a powerful too, fear is something that is constant in everyones life. We all have fears, fears of failure, impressions, snakes, whatever they may be, fear controls something in our lives. And sometimes I feel like fear is used to guilt me into loving God and being who the church says I need to be.
And yet something that i am wrestling with here is to get beyond this fear of death and if I have done enough. I have come to find that I am not apart of this Kingdom of the world, but the Kingdom of Jesus and to be afraid of leaving this Kingdom that I am in right now is not a worry, because that is not where I am at. I am afraid of dying, but am able to cope a little better in the fact that I am ready to leave this world and be apart of the Kingdom of Jesus.

Maybe I misunderstood this series, and maybe I need to not jump the gun on my opinion and just keep it to myself. But I wonder, if this is what I am thinking about this series, what are other people saying.

What do you think, am I out of bounds here?

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  • Nikomas Perez

    I was really hoping for the book version :)

    A few of my personal thoughts:

    1. You’re a smart man! I appreciate your willingness to delve into stuff. I admire you for that. Keep questioning! It’s what brings cultural change.

    2. It’s 40 days of purpose…not 30 days. Don’t start changing the Gospel of Rick Warren! :)

    3. Why 30 days: because that’s how long most church series’ are. Every month long sermon series is a 30 day challenge of some sort. Some are just more transparent about expecting people to actually think about this more than just listening to a sermon.

    4. Church Series Bandwagon: I agree with you here. There is a lot of using of other churches series. Originality is fading. But sometimes it’s just the packaging that is used (some churches don’t have the ability to package series like churches that are in transitory stages like us). But in reality, the message has never been original. It’s the same time-tested truths that have been taught for centuries.

    5. Advent Conspiracy: The whole series is setup for churches to do together at the same time annually. And I think this is an amazing idea. In our area there were like 5 or 6 churches doing it! Its awesome to see a large portion of the community thinking and hearing the same message. It impacts communities for the kingdom rather than just local churches. Just my opinion. Kind of reminiscent of Paul saying “here’s the message (in letter format), pass it around so other churches can through this as well!

    6. Fear: I think there is a difference in manipulation and motivation. Manipulation is bending or embellising truth to get someone to do something (unfortunately there are series’ built on this!). Motivation is presenting undeniable truth. Death has been a source of motivation from the beginning of time…it was the original motivation! But theologically death and life are intrinsically tied together (In order to live you must die. Christian life starts with death through baptism, etc.) But what I like about this series, once you get into it, is that it’s not about death or the fear of dieing. It’s about living a life so that you are free of a fear of not having lived (i.e. 30 days to live…instead of 30 days ’til you’re dead). The next few sermons are about living a life of Passion, Love and Humility. Those are issues that I stand by.

    7. Don’t keep it to yourself! That’s the fun of blogging! It causes dialogue.

    that’s my two cents…and just like pennies, its useless! :)

    (by the way, I enjoy reading your blog. Keep it up!)

  • Brennan Loveless

    I must admit, I was a little concerned at first that you were serious about the book thing…not that you can’t write a book, it was jsut a humorous topic, which is why i was assuming from your first post that you were joking.
    It’s good to see that you are proactive in taking time to “hash out” your thoughts in order to share them with us.
    one thing to note though, Advent Conspiracy didn’t just start this past year. Chris Seay and Greg ? (from Windsor) started it together several years back and churches are jumping on board now. I think it’s a great way for churches to make an impact and “serve the least of these.” And actually on Christmas Eve (?)/Christmas day Chris Seay was on CNN talking about it. check out Robbie Seay’s blog for the link to watch the video. there’s a link to his page on my blog.
    Thanks dude, keep up the bloggi-nating.

  • Anonymous

    I’ve tried to fast before. It’s very hard some of the time. It hurt to try it for one day. Have fun.

    -The Nameless