A Cold Monday with some Cold Thoughts

Kyle Reed // @kylereed

Well, we are back to classes here at CHS, man does that suck…well it is not that bad.
Here are some thoughts on an extended Thanksgiving break.

-It is cold, really cold, like 31 degrees cold. I hate cold weather
-I almost had a wreck this morning on my way to school, hit some ice on the bridge.
-Had a good thanksgiving with the fam last week
-Great to see a bunch of old friends on Saturday, found out that a baby is in the oven for one of them. Either we are getting old or I am really pathetic. Probably both
-Didn’t do black friday (no good deals) thank goodness, I could have died.
-Today starts a three week marathon to Christmas break, let it snow let is snow let it snow
-Found a new favorite thing to check everyday, amazons mp3 store. It has a mp3 deal of the day. MP3’s that are originally 8 or 9 bucks are going for 1 or 2 dollars on selected days. Check it out
-Yesterday concluded no shave November. Good times had by all my 7/8th grade Men
-I have decided to keep my chin scruff for a little while, we will see how it continues to grow.
-Got to hear an old family friend preach on Sunday night. He was our minister when I was like 7 or 8. Amazing preacher, did a great job.
-Got a record player from another family friend for free, never played and pretty nice. Really excited about that.

Thats about all. Good times had by all that were in attendance.

What did you do for the holidays?

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  • Emily

    went to savors today… thought of you :)