A Response To Human Trafficking

Kyle Reed // @kylereed

This post is from my sister Kamrie Reed. Her passion to fight human trafficking is contagious and she has asked to share a challenge that she is taking on today. Will you join her? 

Today it is imposible to truly do justice. It is imposible to sincerely understand all of the social injustices around the world. It is impossible to fight against a global epidemic happening at alarming rates that many people are still oblivious to. On days like today it is impossible to recognize the pain victims experience and rightfully honor that in such a way that gives them justice.

Today is declared Human Trafficking Awareness Day. It is a day dedicated to advocating and remembering victims all around the world subject to labor and sex trafficking. This day is rightfully earned due to the severity of the social injustice. Over the decades human trafficking has quickly become an epidemic.

Stop Human Trafficking

This injustice has robbed children of their innocence and deprived people of all dignity and hope. It has demeaned people of their basic rights and reduced them to a faceless voiceless victim paralyzed to obtain freedom. There are currently around 27 million people who are subject to this dehumanization. It is estimated that every 30 seconds there is a new human trafficking victim. The average age for victims of this crime is just 12 years old. With all of this in mind, stopping modern day slavery truly becomes simply impossible.

Today, on Friday January 11, 2013, we ask God of the impossible. We petition a God that uses the impossible to drowned the world in his reckless love for all of mankind. The God who sees all of this pain abuse and injustice and who inspires us to do the impossible. Today God requires me to trust him with the impossible. God always has a had a knack for taking my weakness and using it for his glory. But what good is it if we as a people are so oblivious to his actions? God is here in the midst of traumatic abuse fighting for these victims all around the globe and yet where are his people?

He calls us to action to defend the widows and orphans. God calls us to see the neglected and overlooked. To love the broken and unwanted and to remember the slaves in bondage. So while today the statistics are stacked against us and it is impossible to adequately remember and fully advocate for these women, I choose to pray.

Today on Human Trafficking Awareness Day we ask the impossible of God trusting that in our weakness he is strong.

Today we will remember these victims. They no longer are some voiceless mass that is easily ignored. On this Friday we see them and pray. We pray that our ignorance is exposed and we may begin to see these people for the first time. Our eyes are wide open anxiously waiting to see the true power of my God and his radical love in action through out the world amidst the tragedy of his sin. He will provide as we stand up determined and passionate to give the voiceless a voice and the nameless a name. For they will no longer be known as whore prostitute, criminal but today they are called sons and daughters fo the most high.

So on a day like today, I ask you to look past the masses and  see the orphans and widows. the neglected. the broken. all the victims. All they need is for someone to care. Open your eyes wide straining to see what God has in store for the restoration of the voiceless.

God has blessed us with a burden. He has created within each of us a passion to fight for victims of social injustice because they are worth fighting for. So God stands with us on this impossible day setting this burning desire to remember and recognize these victims the only way we know how, prayer.

Some places you can get more information on what you can do next.
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