Amazing Does Not Always Deliver

Kyle Reed // @kylereed

Following up yesterdays post about Amazing Church (if you need a refresher click here) and the comment stream, I started to think about things that I think are awesome. Some things that come to my mind: My Dog, Coffee, my shirt with wolves on it howling at the moon, U2, me (okay that last one was to see if you were still reading). All these things I deem as awesome. And to be honest, I am going to probably let you know about how awesome I think these things could possible be. Yesterday, a friend of mine Ben Davis sent me this tweet:

That struck me for a minute. It reminded me of my profession of how much I liked the Gungor Band and that people listened to my advice to get the CD. I am sure that it helped that hundreds of others were saying how awesome gungor is as well, but it was cool to see that someone trusted what I thought was awesome. Bringing that back to our conversation that we had yesterday about how much we use the word awesome in reference to the church, I started to think about how much we trust the word awesome.

Our word can carry a heavy weight. This weight can also bring down a word. Sometimes I feel like I am just going through the emotions and reaction of what I am suppose to say about church (notice little c not big C Church). Like I am suppose to give the typical response of “good” when someone ask me “how are you?” Going through the motions of church and continually consuming the product instead of doing is something that I am afraid awesome represents.

Its easy to say a church service was awesome, the song selection was perfect, and the sermon was great, but it is very difficult to follow what the Holy Spirit is convicting you to do. I would much rather talk about how a sermon is challenging me then actually let the words change my heart. I would much rather sing about the grace of God then extend it to my enemies. I would much rather talk about how awesome my church community is then be apart of a community of people that are different then me.

Its easy to call something awesome, it is very hard to do awesome.



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  • Zac Cross

    Everything you said above was true and very awesome with the exception of U2. The only way to use awesome as an adjective to describe U2 is to say they are awesome…ly overrated! :-P

  • kamrie

    You have a good point, but I think you got mixed up by saying Jack and coffee are over your own favorite sister that does not eat coconut oil sorry can't say Kelsie.

  • John Williams

    Great post. I will agree that there are few things more awesome than a three wolf moon t-shirt.

    I hope you've read some of the Amazon reviews for it. They are awesome too.

  • Jason

    “Its easy to call something awesome, it is very hard to do awesome.


    You’re absolutely right. :)

    Can’t think of any other thought than that.