The final performance on American Idol

Kyle Reed // @kylereed

Tonight’s the big night. The night we have been waiting for since August.
The night where two enter and one leaves, tonight is the…Ok I will stop there.

Tonight is the final performance on American Idol.
Kris Allen and Screamy AKA Adam Lambart (SP? I don’t care)
perform for America in hopes of winning a competition that is already pre-arranged.
Ya, that’s right, it has already been decided. Adam Lambart is going to win.
Do you really think that Fox and Simon Cowell let America decide who is going to win?
I think not. Now I digress…

With the complete disappointment of the season finale of 24,
where nothing was resolved and we probably have to wait two more years
to watch terrible acting and phony suspense (why do I even watch?) to find out
how Jack will save the world, again. American Idol could be another big
disappointment in the eyes of yours truly.
Don’t get me wrong, in the Reed household Jack Bauer is sacred. If we didn’t believe
in the real God, Jack Bauer would be our god, we even named our dog Jack.
But after last nights finale, I am starting to doubt the goodness that is 24.

This scares me, I am worried that American Idol is going
to end in disappointment as well.
The aforementioned Kris Allen is my pick to win (here is why).
But, unfortunately this is not going to happen.
Adam is going to sing the same song the same way
and get the same response from Paula and he is going
to be crowned the winner of American Idol.

I hope I am wrong. Look at it this way, if I am right I look like a genius,
if I am wrong I still look like a genius because I picked
Kris Allen to win earlier in the year.

Looks like I am the true winner.

What do you think, who is going to win?


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  • Tyler Smith

    “Adam Lambert will sell more records in his career.. therefore, he SHOULD be the american idol. Kris is amazing.. so was Danny.. so was Allison.. but some people make fun of Adam because they aren’t in to that style.. but the truth is, he’s the best one and the most talented. It’s not a scam though.. you can see how the judges are scared Adam won’t get enough votes, because they all four think he should win. Whoever wins, they’ll both have great careers.”

  • brennanloveless

    1. it’s ‘finale.’
    2. i too think that Adam is already the choice to win, but i disagree with Tyler’s comment. To be completely honest, as much as i don’t want to, both of the finalists sing most of their songs the same way, same style. I hear a lot of people make comments about how the singers aren’t diverse etc…. but is that what you are REALLY looking for when you pick up an album from one of your favorite artists? I don’t think so. i think most people are looking to “see” (actually hear) growth from an artist’s previous album to their most current, but every artist/band has a “sound” or “niche” that they try to keep consistent to keep their same fans.
    SO…..Adam screams a lot (and i find that annoying) and i think he flirts ALOT with ruining songs while Kris has remained constant with his choice of songs and the way he sings….it can get a little annoying, but so can being able to predict when in a song Adam is going to scream….both pretty predictable.

    i agree with Kyle because as far as i can tell, both of these guys are going to sell a lot of records and that’s what Simon cares about, and i too, will be a true winner because i called both of these guys being in the final, with my hopes on Kris, but thinking that Adam will more than likely win.

  • brennanloveless

    Oh, and Adam would be great on Broadway, but I think he oversells things…too concerned about his image, and i’m not too big a fan of that.