An Amazing Word About Art

Kyle Reed // @kylereed

This is a must read from Andrew Peterson. I am still chewing on this:

Art, if it can be ascribed value, is most valuable when its beauty (and the beauty of the truth it tells) bewilders, confounds, defies evil itself; it does so by making what has been unmade; it subverts the   spirit of the age; it mends the heart by whispering mysteries the mind   alone can’t fathom; it fulfills its highest calling when into all the   clamor of Hell it tells the unbearable, beautiful, truth that Christ has died, Christ is risen, and Christ will come again. None of these songs and stories matter if the beauty they’re adding to isn’t the kind of beauty that redeems and reclaims.

That doesn’t mean every song and every story has to be a sermon. Not at all! But the very existence of great stories and stirring music and good art is a sermon itself. That anyone at all in the world would set their sad heart and tired hands to working beauty out of chaos is a monument to Grace. It reminds us of light and high beauty,  and it laments the world’s great sorrow. It gives the heart language to rejoice and language to mourn.

Creation groans like a woman in labor? Even so. And we know every birth is a tight-wound cord of fear and joy, pain and pleasure, striving and surcease. Let those who can, tell that story. Let those in Christ whose hands paint worlds, whose tongues limn loveliness, whose ears hear astral strains–let them make, and make, and make. And let the made things adorn the dark and proclaim the coming Kingdom till the King himself is come.

If this resonated with you, check out Andrew Peterson’s books and music here


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  • Josh

    That’ll straight preach, right there….makes me want to write better songs.

    Love AP’s stuff…talked about him often while in Nashville recording. Even got his do-everything player, Gabe Scott to play on my EP. Color me humbled with that.

    Thanks for sharing this….it really does give life.

    • Kyle Reed

      that is awesome. Yes it will preach.
      It was truly inspiring listening to him read this and then follow it up with his music.

  • Paul

    That is an awesome quote. Where did it come from?

    • Kyle Reed

      His book I am pretty sure.
      It was on his blog as well.

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