Another week to Begin, Yes

Kyle Reed // @kylereed

Another Monday begins and I am ready to give an update on what I am doing. Like you care, well maybe you do.

Got my first career coaching win on Saturday in Soccer. We won 4-2 and played decently well. Got a little tense in the second half when the other team tied it up 2-2, but it was a good game and we pulled it out in the end.

Talked with a good friend last night for about an hour. Good times had by all that enjoyed the conversation. Realizing that I miss all my friends that are spread out in Texas, Florida, Vegas, Illiniose, Louisville, and Chicago.

I made it to our school’s staff prayer meeting today. All I could think about was, “Why did I come to this today” but thankfully I did and the topic discussed was death and was pretty interesting. Glad I went. But pretty interesting to hear about this especially with two of our students parents dying over the weekend.

I played Golf yesterday and got hit in the face with a golf ball, crazy I know, but no black eye and no loss of love for the game. The ball bounced a couple of times and then hit me right under the eye. I was driving a cart at the time, so the odds of this happening is pretty crazy.

I am continuing to be challenged with where I am at everyday. Wanting to do something else but am fighting an uphill battle and I love it. I need something to fight for and this is giving me the opportunity.

I have officially decided this morning that as of now I am voting for Barack Obama. Like it if you will, but I am liking him more and more. Who are you voting for?

I have decided that I need to find a church to attend on a Sunday morning, working on that. But I read Day 41 in Solo and have really seen that God is leading me to go to some church.

Well that is it I think, what are your Monday ramblingss?

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Kyle Reed

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I create websites, conversations, and ideas. Advocate for the 20 somethings. Looking to connect everyone to a mentor. Married to my best friend, Ginny. I like my coffee black and my dog Jack. I currently live in Nashville and work at Sony Music/Provident in Nashville
  • Caitie Breeze

    Well, glad to hear ya all won..even though I knew already. Anyways, we’re in a lot of the same places man.

    It’s hard when we go from this situation when our social life was readily accessible and we had this built in community, to now we have all spread out. It sucks, but it makes us value each other even more.

    I also recently have been struggling with where to find myself on Sunday mornings…as of now I’ve decided to head back to Jacob’s well. I’ve always driven a ways to church, whats the difference now. I also started meeting with an elder’s wife each sunday after church and it’s proving to be great. Definitely loving her guidance.

    Okay and I literally laughed out loud Kyle. how in the world do you get hit in the face? hahahah histerical. (spelling..?)

    AND, I’m so glad and interested to hear why you are choosing Obama. I have been a lenghty supporter of the man, so lets hear it. What’s convincing ya?

    As of now…I’m sitting at my job that I’m truly over qualified for and easily bored with, yet trying to be thankful for it…because it supports my life and my trips! :)

  • Emily

    wish we had gotten to talk for a second today but i am glad you and Nate did. its amazing how spread out our friends our too- it makes me sad. but also kind of cool to see how God moves in our lives differently.