Beats By Dre HeadPhones Review

Kyle Reed // @kylereed

Last week I sent out a tweet letting everyone know that I was a new member of the Beats by Dre community.

I found a great deal on the internet and wanted to share with you how I got the deal as well as my overall impression of the headphones.

Check out my review below:

start here on your journey and good luck

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Kyle Reed

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  • Ben

    The math is almost right… just replace the word Percent with Dollars and you’re gold.

    • austinklee

      That’s 73% off.

    • Kyle Reed

      :) I wish it was 110 percent off

  • Adam

    Thanks for the review. I am currently looking for a good pair of headphones and this helps out a lot.

    • Kyle Reed

      jared also wrote a great thing on headphones that he got a couple weeks ago, check this out

      • Adam

        Kyle I ended up going with the Marshall Minor headphones. Have had them a week now and could not be more please with my purchase. Sound is great!

  • Jay

    110% off?! Wow! That is an amazing deal!


    Seriously though, I am seeing a lot of people selling these on Ebay for $50 or less brand new. One thing I saw some people on Amazon saying is that they are not very durable but others are reporting no issues.

    • Kyle Reed

      ya I heard that about the full ear muff ones, they break easily.
      But these seem pretty durable. I keep them in their case and so far they have worked great. And you cannot beat $40

  • Grant Jenkins


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  • dustin

    i’ve only heard good things. might give them a try something. thanks, kyle.