Best Decision You Haven’t Made

Kyle Reed // @kylereed

Recently, for a graduation present, my parents help me purchase a new TV.
This has been something I have been looking into getting for the last couple of years
and was pretty excited to be able to purchase this with the help of my parents.

Samsung 42" LCD

Samsung 42" LCD

Now the given rule is that when you get a TV like this you have to get HD, right?
With HD installed, DVR recording Jon and Kate Plus 8 and the good time a rolling
I thought I had everything covered, but then 10 o’clock hit.
Lets just say, if you have been awake past 10 o’clock with a bunch of HBO and Cinemax
channels you know what I am talking about.
The best decision I made was not getting the LCD Samsung over the Sony Plasma or
going with charter cable over the Dish network (even though charter is bankrupt),
no, the best decision I made was to enact the parent lock on all channels rated M.

I do not share this to try and boost my ego of how smart I am, the only reason I tell you
this is because this decision was one of the best I have made in a long time.
I am a broken and sinful man that is tempted by all things in all ways.
I have no clue what the parent code is and I want to leave it that way.

I wonder….
what is the best decision you haven’t made yet?


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  • tyler

    dude you are so right…tv past 10 is rotten. I don't subscribe to the movie channels – they are garbage.