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Well 2009 has been good for me so far. I have had a couple of beers, ate Imos pizza (the best) watched USC smoke Pen State. So with that said here is my list of the best albums, movies, and books of 2009:




Well there is nothing to put here so I will revert back to the tradition that everyone else does and go with 2008…

1) Dark Knight
2) Iron Man
3) I don’t know, the movies were not very good to me this year

Music: This list is a lot longer
1) Kings of LeonOnly by the Night
1) Jon ForemanAll EP’s (Fall, Winter, Spring, Summer) I know that Fall was released in 2007, still counts to me because I discovered it in 2008.
These two tied
2) Coldplay-Viva La Vida (I know, number two…still an amazing album)
3) The Myriad-With Arrows with Poise (Discovered them this year and love them)
4) Radiohead-In Rainbows (a little far down, but it shows the amount of good music this year)
5) Death Cab-Narrow Stairs (Wow, good stuff right there)
6) Charlie Hall-The Bright Sadness (Definitely need to check this out no matter if you are a fan or not)
7) Sigur Ros-Med sud i eyrum vid spilum endalaust (wow, number 7…should be a lot higher, love them. They need to do a christmas album)
8) Leeland-Opposite Way
9) Kanye West-808’s and Heartbreaks (just got it and am loving it…not fare that it came out so late)
10) David Crowder Band-Remedy club tour live (The Best all time dude)

Books: Books that I read in 2008
1) The Myth of a Christian Nation-Dr. Greg Boyd (simply amazing, has changed the way I look at war, etc…)
2) Tipping Point-Malcom Gladwell (really really good book, learned a lot from this. Thanks Jefferson)
3) Solo-Eugene Peterson (a 365 Bible reading plan plus devotional. Have a hard time finding devotionals, this is the thing to check out)
4) Soul Cravings-McManus
5) Hudson Taylor Biography (really like him a lot and learned a brief overview of his life)
6) Rob Bell-Jesus Wants to Save Christians (Decent, the sermons were better)
7) Irresistable Revolution-Shane Claiborne (Good stuff, thought provoking)
8) Crazy Love-Francis Chan

Best Discoveries of 2008
1) Google Reader -if you don’t have this, you are missing out on an amazing thing that sorts all your blogs
2) iPhone-this year has been good to me because of my blessing of my iPhoner
3) Bingo-fun times had by all in Vegas
4) Folgers Coffee-Cheap and good, well maybe. I do feel like an old person drinking it
5) Maven-that is what I am, you have to read tipping point to get that reference, ask me to explain if you need further help
6) Teaching-Can be very Routine, but also life changing. Love it
7) In n Out-Love this place, ate it as much as I could with Ben Parker. Had a surprise birthday there, that was awesome
8) PS3-Just got this from my students and love it, absolutely love it
9) Amazon MP3 deal of the Day-this is the place to get cheap CD’s each and everyday…Check it, Everyday
10) Wunder Radio-App for my iPhone that lets me listen to any radio station in the World, awesome

Thats my list, and I love it. If you have a list give me a link.
Also you should rate my list and give me some comments about my list.

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  • Matt Erxleben

    I completely agree that movies this year blew. I actually saw Batman tonight for my first time and it wasn’t bad. But aside from that and a few others…I’ll just stick to Sunny!

  • Anonymous

    How are the movies not good this year? I honestly thought they were great. The Dark Knight had superb acting, a great storyline, and an amazing plot. All planned by Mr. Christopher Nolan himself. He’s an amazing actor. Iron Man was good too, but not quite AS good. What other movies did you think “blew”?
    -The Nameless