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Kyle Reed // @kylereed

If WordPress was a person, he (naturally a he) would be the man. A powerhouse filled with great themes, an easy dashboard, and development tools make it an amazing tool of mass creation.

Strong, powerful, thoughtful, and beautiful would be a few adjetives to describe the man that is WordPress (if it was a man). Simply put, WordPress is the best website platform out there.

Notice I did not say blogging platform. It has truly become the site that professionals are turning to when building websites for customers. It is reported that 5% of all websites are built on WordPress. That is incredible.

I am always in a constant search to learn more about WordPress and Coding. In my search I have ran across a lot of great sites and some rather poor sites. I thought I would share with you three sites that I constantly turn to in search of learning more about WordPress. has quickly become my go to site for all things WordPress and coding. They have a ton of great tutorials, free giveaways, and a lot of great inspiritation post that give you ideas of what others are doing around the web. If you only subscribe to one of these feeds this is the one that you should choose. Check out this article on How to create a css3 call to action button. is very community driven website that allows users to submit articles, tutorials, and themes for the community to see. It features articles from all over the web. What I love about this site is it is all about community and what others are doing. You get to hear from other bloggers on what is working and what is not working. And it is all broken down into language that you can understand. Check out this post on how to add in a Linkdin share button to your site. (not that I like Linkdin, but this could help you a ton with other share buttons that you want to add to your site) has a great database of categories that allows you to browse and curate great content. There are some great articles on CSS, theme design, and some php stuff. Here is a great article on how to add a custom message after the comments.

These are some of the new websites that I have been digging a lot lately.

Do you have a great resource site for blogging? Share it with us all.


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  • Jeff Goins

    I read a lot from ProBlogger and Copyblogger. I glean a lot (mostly about creating content and laying it out) by not just listening to what others say but by observing what others do.

    • Kyle Reed

      Did you listen to the podcast from copyblogger about groupon recently?
      It was a lot of what we talked about a couple of weeks ago. I really enjoyed it.

      • Jeff Goins

        I didn’t actually. I’m not a huge podcast guy, but if you recommend it, I’ll check it out. Link?

  • Ben

    I think it goes without saying, but you have to give a shout out to John and the 8bit team over at

    • Kyle Reed


  • Kevin

    Good sites. I’ve also been reading WPCandy a lot recently. Any thoughts on those guys?

    • Kyle Reed

      I like them a lot.
      I tried to include resources that a lot of people might have heard of or have never heard of.
      But WPCandy is something I check daily.

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  • Omer Greenwald

    Thanks for the good words on WPhits Kyle, it’s really good to hear you find it useful.

  • Jason Yarborough

    I’m like you man, on the search to learn as much about this junk as I can. Good references. A developer friend of mine just recommended this to me and said it was a really good reference for WP: have you seen or heard of it?

    • Kyle Reed

      I have heard about this book and need to get it.

  • Graham

    Thanks for the links man! Awesome. :)

  • Graham

    BTdubs… how did you add the evernote “clip” link in the scrolling sharing? That is awesome!

    • Kyle Reed

      ha, honestly I do not remember but I will go back and look and then do a post on it. It wasn’t to hard