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Everyone is a blogger (and a dreamer). Some choose to share their blogs publicly, others keep their blog post inside.

This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, in fact it is an awesome thing. More and more people are sharing thoughts, resources, and ideas with the internets and building conversation. More importantly people are using blogging and blog sharing tools (fb, twitter) to connect with people they would never have the chance to talk to without blogging and making real-life friendships. I even made a video of a day in the life of a blogger:

A Day in the Life of a Blogger from Kyle L Reed on Vimeo.

A Day in the Life of a Blogger from Kyle L Reed on Vimeo.

With the thought that more and more people are blogging and/or getting into blogging I thought I would make a Christmas wish list for bloggers.

You might have all of these, you might have none of these. But here is a list of things a blogger wants for Christmas:

  • Space: for any blogger to step up their game in the blogging world they need a space to host their blog. is the best free solution (and if you are curious about blogger here is why I think it is a waste of your time). But if that special blogger of yours is wanting to up their game and get a self-hosted blog now is the time to buy them the hosting space they need.
    Where do you find this space? Great questions. One option is to host with me. Yes, indeed I have hosting space available just for you. I have a great big server that is waiting to host your blog and get you on your way to having your own self-hosted blog. Want more details? email me here. Another great option is They have great prices and hardly ever have any maintenance or downtime to their servers.
  • A Theme: yes with that new self-hosted blog you are going to need a great theme to dress it up in. I got just the thing for you, it is called the Standard Theme. It is what this blog is built on, and a lot of other great blogs are built on. It is well worth the investment because it will reward you with more traffic and better SEO.
  • Ears: When I use to play drums at a certain church we would call our in-ear monitors “ears”, and in fact that is might be just the thing that special blogger of yours needs this Christmas, ears.
    A couple of great options: Beats by Dre, yes these bad boys are pricey but they are amazing in sound quality. Another less pricey option are these headphones by sony. I have used these for about 3 years now and they are great noise-canceling headphones that provide great sound and comfort.
  • Noise: Yes, indeed bloggers need noise. Noise to concentrate, noise to drown out others, or noise to just be inspired by. No matter what, bloggers need noise. Why not provide them some great noise by buying them these great albums: Mumford and Sons, John Mark McMilan, Sleigh Bells, Future of Forestry. And if you are not feeling to bold you can just get them a nice little iTunes gift card.
  • Fuel: If Al Gore built the internet, then coffee powers the internet. I wonder how many cups are consumed by bloggers daily? Probably enough to power a small country. A great gift for any blogger is a gift certificate to a coffee shop. You cannot go wrong with a gift card from this place.
  • Consult: Yes there is such a thing as a blog consultant. It does sound funny to say, but there are people who have spent thousands of hours blogging, writing, and developing their blog to be great. Why not give that special blogger of yours the chance to talk with an “expert” blogger about blogging? Whether you buy a chunk of time, a book, or go on google and find some articles they can read, it could be the very thing that any blogger might need to start off the new year. (and in fact I do blog consulting, but I really do not want to make this about me selling you something by listing this as a great gift. I am definitely open to doing this and might even feel in the Christmas spirit and cut you a deal. But don’t feel like I am saying you have to choose me).
  • Your Story: this last one is a gift you can give for free, but it is not the easiest gift to give. In fact, it could be the hardest gift to give of all. Telling your story to that special blogger and being open to dialogue with them about your life can provide that blogger the inspiration or material they need for a post or a series of post. Why not share your story or thoughts with a blogger for this holiday season. You never know what it could do. And the best part is it is free.

This is my list of things all bloggers should have or want for Christmas.

What would you add to the list?


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  • Patrick

    Good post. It’s been a goal of mine to begin blogging. May have to move that goal up for 2011.

  • Michael

    This was brilliant.

  • Alicia

    Mumford and Sons!
    Future of Forestry!