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Today Marcus Buckingham released his newest book entitle “Find Your Strongest Life”
Thomas Nelson published the book and gave its readers a sneak peek. Liking Marcus Buckingham I jumped all over the chance to read and review his newest book. Little did I know it was a book for women.

In “Find Your Strongest Life” Buckingham tackles the growing statistics of happiness in America, specifically in the case of women.
He says this, “Heaving it all doesn’t mean having everything, all at once, all the time. Having it all means taking yourself seriously. It means knowing yourself well enough to find your purpose in life. It means knowing what needs to change when you sense that you’ve lost that purpose. It means having the faith to believe that change is possible and having the courage to make those changes.”

This book was birthed out of a trip to the Oprah show. The Oprah people found out that most people tape their show and watch it later in the day. They surmised from this that they had a lot of professionals that were making time to watch Oprah. They decided to have a show dealing with women in the work force. Enter Marcus Buckingham and his team. They interview 100 women who were viewed as successful in the workforce but not happy with their life. They took those 100 women and shortened the list down to 50 then to 30 then finally to 15. Buckingham and his team worked with these women for 6 months, helping them discover their strengths and passions, and getting them in a place where these were best used.

The show and experiment went great. Oprah was happy and so were the women. In fact, over the next several weeks was flooded with several thousand responses to this episode. All of them with the same story, “I have a great job, but I do not love it, what should I do? ” This brought about more research for Buckingham. Being the type of guy that loves to help people find their strengths, he discovered a glaring problem: Women are less happy then men.

Over the last 40 years, the statistics have shown that women has decreased in their happiness while men have increased. Seeing this as being very puzzling as well as odd, Buckingham decided to start to work on changing these statistics. In “Find Your Strongest Life” he lays out his plan for helping women find happiness. Not only is this a great resource and read for women, but for men as well.

What is it that caused this sudden drop in happiness and how can you find out how to get it back? You will have to go and pick up “Find Your Strongest Life” by Marcus Buckingham and discover what he has to say.

I give this book 4 CS Lewis’s out of 5

You can pick up this book here
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