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I had the excuse of not having what I needed to be successful only to realize I was the one holding myself back.

Tools can be the biggest distraction to getting things done. Don’t let the desire to have the right “tools” keep you from creating.


#MondayMotivation is the #1 trending topic on Twitter. People are searching for how to find that motivation. In this video we discuss 3 ways Monday can be full of motivation.

Here are the 3 ways I find motivation on Monday:
1) Get back into my routine.
2) Time my day and my task.
3) Read blogs around the subject of my work.

This video was filmed on Blab.Im, a new social networking site that streams from your desktop to followers.

Download free “Hack Monday” resource here:



These are the 5 tools necessary for any periscope streamMany of you have created and watched a Periscope Stream. This service has millions of users and is only growing. (To read more about their stats, check out this post here from their team)

Here are 5 tools to use for your next Periscope live stream:





1. Tripod:

HG9L2I have tried several Persicope streams without a tripod. Let me tell you, it’s maddening. Often times I like to stream me doing something or illustrating a point, but having to constantly hold my iPhone 6 plus while teaching someone how to do a pour over coffee doesn’t work very well. Having a good tripod is of utmost importance. Make this your first purchase.

Buy here
Price: $50



Smartphone MicrophoneUsing your built-in mic is one option, but to take your stream to the next level check out the Rode Smartlav Mic.
This mic plugs into your audio jack on your phone and streams great audio to those watching.

Note: This is a worthy investment as several of you have taking your live ‘scopes and posted them on your blogs, facebook, or other platforms. This tool is essential in providing great content for your audience.

Buy here
Price: $79


Neewer-CN-126-LED-Video-Light-for-Camera-or-Digital-Video-Camcorder-0Don’t forget about this important feature, lighting. This is often the tool we skip, but is as important as any of these other tools. You don’t need a ton of light, just something to even out the harsh office lights or strong sunlight. The Neewer LED light is perfect for all your streaming needs.

Buy here
Price: $30


downloadHaving an add on micro-lense makes a big difference for your stream. It provides that extra crisp feel. I wouldn’t say this is an absolute need, but it definitely brings up the product value and helps with lighting. And honestly, you can use this as a full camera mount for your streams if you so desire.

Buy here
Price: $40
If you want to go next level with your lenses, get these.


icon256The ability to take your live stream on periscope and use it later for marketing material is invaluable. One way to get around having to have vertical video for Periscope is to do what Pat Flynn does on his “Patscope” broadcast. He records the actual internet stream with Screenflow and then uploads it directly to youtube for playback. A great way to re-use your streams and let those that missed the live broadcast tune in whenever they want.

Buy here
Price: $99


Bonus Submission: 

This resource is from my friend Jarrid Wilson. Jarrid is a blogger/speaker and has amazing content you should be reading and watching.

Here is his setup

11872833_709708755801573_452822371_n 11880758_709708752468240_210590543_n


That is right, a tripod for his iPhone and mount for his iPad…love it.
Here is where you can get these tools to help you.

iPhone MountBuy Here -$2.99
Tri-PodBuy Here – $23.49
iPad mount Buy here – 24.95



I really like Pinterest.
I check it every day.
Use it for resources, inspiration, and learning.
It is a great tool.

When Pinterest announced Promoted Pins not too long ago I was intrigued to see how brands would start using this new ad platform.

After spending some time watching different brands promote their pins it’s time we dive in and see the Do’s and Don’ts of Promoted Pins.

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The thought is to find someone else to elevate your content or product, but you are the best available option for a premiere.

Developing your platform for a launch will set you up best for success. Not only do you have an audience that wants what you have to offer, they are the perfect target for what you are doing.

Don’t get caught up in numbers of other platforms, focus more on specific return of your audience. You could land a premiere with USA Today who has a huge readership, but if your subject isn’t pertinent to the audience (in the video’s case, a music video premiere) it doesn’t matter.

The best premiere partner is you.

2 years ago I was put in charge of over 5 million Facebook fans.
It was my first day on the job and I was made admin of 4 Facebook pages that had a total of 5 million Facebook fans. To say I was a bit shocked would be an understatement.You realize how much power that is when you make a post and the page refreshes and 10K people have already seen the post in a matter of 2 seconds.This might sound like I had the easiest job in the world.
At first it felt like I did. But, quickly I realized with this much attention the importance of what I posted was even greater.

See when you have small group of people paying attention you can get away with a bit more. But a large group of followers, that has high expectations. People expected results, and wanted me to produce.

So you know what I did?

I made a content schedule.

I called it my social media schedule.

Here is what it looked like.

This was my saving grace. It walked me through what content I was producing, why I was creating it, and what I was going to do next.

If you don’t have a social media schedule you might be missing out on the opportunity to move people through the narrative of your content.

That is why I have created this resource for you.

Social Media Content Calendar

A social media suggested content plan that will give you content frameworks to focus on. This resource will allow you to have a guided plan of attack for your audience and for your brand.
I realized I had to create a content schedule, or I would never be able to keep up.

One of the hardest questions to answer for anyone on social media is, “What should I post next?”


You stare at your social media accounts and want to share valuable information, you just don’t know what to post.Fear not, I have created a channel specific social media content calendar.
This calendar dives deeper into each channel providing you with daily content ideas as well as other valuable tools.

Here is what is included:

  • Facebook Plan: Overview, Size Guide, Content Posting Schedule
  • Twitter Plan: Overview, Size Guide, Content Posting Schedule
  • Instagram Plan: Overview, Size Guide, Content Posting Schedule
  • Pinterest Plan: Overview, Size Guide, Content Posting Schedule

You know what is frustrating?
Radom traffic on highways.

It can make you late, put you in a bad mood, and lead you to say things you would rather not say.

Traffic is frustrating, but unplanned traffic is the worst.

We know at certain times, we will have to adjust, because traffic will be bad. We also know, other times in our day, traffic won’t be bad.

But sometimes, traffic doesn’t live up to its consistency and it ruins our day.
We like consistency.

Knowing what to expect and when to expect it might as well be a given as eating a donut when they are left out on the kitchen counter.

So why would we think we wouldn’t need consistency in our social media marketing?

I get it, life is busy and at times it is hard to keep up.
Other times, it’s hard to have enough content to stay consistent.

Showing up is half the battle.

Can I tell you a story about consistency?

I was working with a client on a pitch for a popular YouTube channel. He was close to being selected to have his own channel on this network and was going to film 8 episodes around himself and his family. It was an amazing opportunity.

At the last minute, the channel pulled funding and didn’t select his pitch to be featured.

We were all disappointed.

But what happened next was the most disappointing. 

We didn’t do anything after.

Yes, we missed out on the large network and the film crew. But we also missed out on the opportunity to create.

We never talked about the show again and went back to our regularly scheduled plan, post sporadic content on Facebook.

Fast forward 9 months.

This client has a massive release coming up and we start brainstorming around what we can do.

Everyone agrees we need to get this client in front of people. He’s a great communicator and can gather an audience.

Guess what we pitched? A youtube series.

The sad thing is, we are starting from zero.

Instead of creating this channel 9 months ago when he had no audience, the team now scrambles to try and gather attention in a month for a big release.

Imagine if we went through with the YouTube channel 9 months ago.
We would have an audience, advertising opportunities, and a consistency with our brand.

Consistency is key.

The temptation is to start something, wait for others to show up, and decide on continuing if people pay attention.

But to expect popularity after a month of consistency is crazy. It just won’t happen.

Here is another story…just not as long.

Casey Neistat started a daily Vlog about 3 months ago. Each day he gets about 300K views instantly. It’s amazing.

The temptation is to believe that he started Vlogging and all of a sudden the audience showed up.

But you know what?
Before he started Vlogging he had uploaded over a 1000 videos to youtube and hundreds of snapchat stories.

The temptation is to believe that all you have to do is show up and the audience will be there. The reality is, it could take years before anyone pays attention.

Staying consistent to what you are doing will be the best thing anyone can do.

What does this mean practically?

Pick something you want to get better at and do it consistently for 6 months.

Make a time commitment that hurts a bit and commit to never missing.

After 6 months, if you have not seen the results you wanted, start something different.

My guess, you will discover a ton over these 6 months.

But there is only one way to find out, do the work.