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These are the 5 tools necessary for any periscope streamMany of you have created and watched a Periscope Stream. This service has millions of users and is only growing. (To read more about their stats, check out this post here from their team)

Here are 5 tools to use for your next Periscope live stream:





1. Tripod:

HG9L2I have tried several Persicope streams without a tripod. Let me tell you, it’s maddening. Often times I like to stream me doing something or illustrating a point, but having to constantly hold my iPhone 6 plus while teaching someone how to do a pour over coffee doesn’t work very well. Having a good tripod is of utmost importance. Make this your first purchase.

Buy here
Price: $50



Smartphone MicrophoneUsing your built-in mic is one option, but to take your stream to the next level check out the Rode Smartlav Mic.
This mic plugs into your audio jack on your phone and streams great audio to those watching.

Note: This is a worthy investment as several of you have taking your live ‘scopes and posted them on your blogs, facebook, or other platforms. This tool is essential in providing great content for your audience.

Buy here
Price: $79


Neewer-CN-126-LED-Video-Light-for-Camera-or-Digital-Video-Camcorder-0Don’t forget about this important feature, lighting. This is often the tool we skip, but is as important as any of these other tools. You don’t need a ton of light, just something to even out the harsh office lights or strong sunlight. The Neewer LED light is perfect for all your streaming needs.

Buy here
Price: $30


downloadHaving an add on micro-lense makes a big difference for your stream. It provides that extra crisp feel. I wouldn’t say this is an absolute need, but it definitely brings up the product value and helps with lighting. And honestly, you can use this as a full camera mount for your streams if you so desire.

Buy here
Price: $40
If you want to go next level with your lenses, get these.


icon256The ability to take your live stream on periscope and use it later for marketing material is invaluable. One way to get around having to have vertical video for Periscope is to do what Pat Flynn does on his “Patscope” broadcast. He records the actual internet stream with Screenflow and then uploads it directly to youtube for playback. A great way to re-use your streams and let those that missed the live broadcast tune in whenever they want.

Buy here
Price: $99


Bonus Submission: 

This resource is from my friend Jarrid Wilson. Jarrid is a blogger/speaker and has amazing content you should be reading and watching.

Here is his setup

11872833_709708755801573_452822371_n 11880758_709708752468240_210590543_n


That is right, a tripod for his iPhone and mount for his iPad…love it.
Here is where you can get these tools to help you.

iPhone MountBuy Here -$2.99
Tri-PodBuy Here – $23.49
iPad mount Buy here – 24.95


Is often the things we try and eliminate the most. Creating a barrier to anything seems to be the worst thing you could ever do. Which leads each of us to find ways to minimize and free others from barriers holding them back.

The reality is, having barriers to entry could be the best thing you did.

Photo Credit: david_shankbone

Today, everyone is trying to eliminate barriers (distractions) so more people will interact, engage, and buy. But with everyone trying to eliminate barriers, the reverse effect is taking place, barriers of convenience are being created which in turn hold people back.

There is a taco spot here in Nashville called Mas Tacos. Their food is amazing, but they have one barrier, they only accept cash. How annoying is that? But the barrier to entrance for me when going to Mas Tacos is that I know I have to have cash which makes me work for the food (I would call that exercising…walking to the ATM and back) and honestly makes me happy to go there. They have kept the barrier of cash only to cut down on cost but also to make you really want to have their tacos.

There is a coffee shop here in Nashville called Crema. They have the best coffee in town, and everyone knows this to be true because there is hardly ever a free table to be found in their shop. You would think people would go find somewhere else less crowded and quicker, and yet every time I am there the line is out the door. They have kept the barrier of scarcity over commercialization.

There is this sports team in St. Louis called the Cardinals. They have some of the best baseball players in the world on their team. They have some of the best young talent a team could have. But this talent is hand selected and features a very few. They have created a barrier to playing professional baseball, you have to be really really good to make their team. Thus making this barrier the standard of success and separating player from fan.

There is a game called CandyCrush. One of the most addicting games anyone will play (that is why I refuse to play it). They have created a barrier to how many times you can play by making you wait a set amount of time before you can go again. You can eliminate this barrier by paying money to continue.

Any time we try and market something, barriers are the first thing we try and eliminate. The thought of losing any potential “customer” crosses our mind and we start to comprise on our product or story.

Our world (whether it be physical or social) is full of noise. You cannot drive down the street without seeing a mortgage company telling you to like them on Facebook, or a TV show featuring a hashtag for every segment. When the noise is to loud the natural response is to turn it down or turn it off. Barriers can be the very thing that helps us cut through the noise. It is the Purple Cow of business, the hook to your pitch, the opening line of your speech, the cost of services. Yes, remove barriers, but make sure you don’t remove the barriers to entry.

Barriers do exactly what they are suppose to do…separate you from others.
Join the noise or stand out.

For any blogger out there, resources are the life blood of creation.

Here are 3 resources that I have been using lately.



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Plugins are an essential element of any blog. For any blog, the turn-key ability to literally plug something in and have it function immediately is one of the best features about wordpress. Plugins provide the ability to add to your site features that you cannot add on your own.

With over 260,000 plugins to choose from, finding just the right ones can be the hardest part of having plugins. Adding to many plugins will tremendously slow down your site, but adding in the right plugins will greatly enhance your site.

These are the 5 plugins that I install immediately on every wordpress site I have:
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Nothing. The simple answer is this absurdity does not happen. Why? Because we know that firemen put out fires. They do not make traffic stops, get in gun fights or eat donuts. Instead they focus on keeping people safe from fire.


What happens when every day people start to write? An oddity occurs. The oddity of personal passion and public pursuit. The desire to share something but also the desire to be known for sharing something. It can quickly shift from personal to public. The oddity occurs when we start to downplay personal passion and focus on public pursuit.

Part of the problem with living in the information age is that we can watch videos, read books, and even see traffic stops in action, but it doesn’t make us a cop. We just become pretenders with no real authority.

The draw to take shortcuts to notoriety never works. It is an imitation that will quickly be found out. It requires starting every day and realizing that it is a slow burn, your motives start to shift and the pressure starts to cease.

Seth Godin was asked recently about this post and it’s origin. His answer was that it took him 20 hours to finish the post. What seemed to be something that he sat down one morning and scribbled out a list post of ideas to gain traffic in reality took him 20 hours total of writing, editing, and refining.

Julien Smith was asked about this post and said that it took him weeks to write and edit. Even to the point of stressing over which italics to use on certain words. What was a post that certain led to a lot of change for a lot of people was something meticulously crafted for weeks. Not something he wrote before he went to bed the night before.

Sometimes things are not always as they seem. 

The reason firefighters focus on putting out fires and not arresting people is because they do not have the time to focus on both. They have the task of knowing everything they can about fires and how to prevent them. You have the task of being faithful to your craft, letting it breathe, and being true to your calling. Realizing that just because it seems that the people you admire seem to put out great content overnight but really work hours to refine their craft is one of the first steps in this process.

Focus on your fire and do the work.

There is a hidden truth about blogging that seems to be hiding under the layers of the internet.

It dawned on me Sunday night as I realized I did not have a blog ready to go for Monday.

The truth is: the pressure of posting every day brings about the feeling of non-existence. Let me explain.

For most of us, the reason we are known online is for our blogging, twitter or facebook. Most likely you (ya the person reading this) have a day job that does not have much to do with the online world. You take part in social media on your free time and do your best to put your content out there for others to read. You haven’t written a book, spoken to thousands or made a killer album. That is okay. Because you are like everyone else. You take part in social media because you enjoy the conversation and sharing.

But sometimes we get caught up in this idea of worry. “What if I do not post? My traffic will go down for the day.” Or how about this, “my readers are expecting me to have a post ready for them. If I don’t post they will stop reading and never come back.You ever felt that way? Ya me either :)

But if we are honest with ourselves we would realize our blogs, tweets and other social media aspects are just a small blip on the map. And if we really get honest with ourselves we would admit that we have let our identity creep into our stats and followers. If you do not want to get that honest, don’t worry, I will do it for you.

I realized this because sometimes I really do not want to write. It becomes such a choir that I just don’t feel like spending time writing. Somethings I would rather watch television, read a book, or go for a run.

But my thinking on this has shifted. My ideas, my identity, and my hustle is not caught up in my blog. My blog is a small piece of everything else. Because for a while my blog was all I had. I held onto it as my thing. It was what I was known for and what I took pride in. But the more I become honest with myself the more I realized that everyone has a blog, and that everyone wants their blog to be “the thing” in the blog world. I am slowly starting to let go of the idea that my blog is my identity and starting to grasp on to the thought that it is just one small thing that makes up a part of all the things I do. Once I started to think this way the pressure was released.

The most freeing thing in the world is realizing that you do not have to put all your chips on one thing. That all your eggs are not in one basket, and that simple you do not have to pick one thing and make it work.

Maybe the biggest thing that we need to do today is start letting go of our blog being our only identity and start looking at how we can take all of our ideas we talk about and start executing them. And then you can see your blog turn into just a piece of what you do.

Am I alone in this feeling?


I was asked this question yesterday:

Do 20 somethings blog?

Absolutely they do.” Then I paused and thought to myself, “do they?

I know a hand full of 20 somethings that blogged but beyond a list that I follow on twitter, my google reader and a few others from twitter I didn’t know where to turn to find out exactly what 20 somethings were blogging.

Here is where we are going to provide that place. I need your help in putting together a list of 20 something bloggers. Put in yourself, your friends, your family, people you don’t even know. Just insert their site below and their twitter name so that we can start formulating a list.

Also, if you could tweet this out and add a personal message to your twitter followers asking them to add to the list that would be killer.

And if you are an old 30 something you can add your blog here


Sport a 20 Something Bloggers badge on your site.

the Code:

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