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I still remember where I was sitting when I found out that P Diddy’s (then Puff Daddy) version of Come With Me was not an original. It was the summer of 1998 and I was in a deep conversation with a friend about who was better, Puff Daddy or Mase (I think Puff won). I know, deep stuff. As he started to counter ever argument with “not an original song” I was quickly surprised to find out that most of Puff Daddy’s career was a fake. He either sang a cover or did a collaboration on a track, but never anything original. That was the day that rap music died for me. The day that I found out Puff Daddy was a fraud.

We can learn something from Puff Daddy when it comes to blogging: the art of the collaboration.

I wouldn’t say that puffy is a great rapper (not even mediocre would probably describe him) but he does know what sells and what has potential. Because of this skill he has been able to do a lot of amazing things. The art of collaboration is all about figuring out ow your strengths can interact with others strengths.

The same can be said about blogging.

A blog is a community of people that center around a subject and add in thoughts, ideas, and reflections. When a blog losses its blogginess (ya thats a word) it losses the art of the collaboration. Because blogging is is not about you, it is about sharing. Sure the ideas come from your head and out to the people, but it is about doing what you do well and then collaborating with others in conversation and discussion.

A great blog is one that can cause you to think then act.

Who can you start collaborating with to make a “hit”?




Evernote continues to dominate the note taking, idea generating, book writing, resource saving world.

There have been several resources written about the expansive use of evernote.
Randy Elrod did a whole weeks series on the uses of Evernote.
Michael Hyatt shared his note taking methods using Evernote.
Alicia Rockmore wrote about 6 baby steps for getting started with Evernote.

As you can see, resources are abounding all over the web for the many uses of Evernote. But there is one aspect of Evernote that I have not seen anyone talking about.

How To Use Evernote To Learn Code

I am a self-taught coder and designer. My teacher has been the world wide web and any free resource blog out there I could find. I learned by trial and error, paying attention, and a lot of surfing for the newest way to use CSS3. A lot of the times I would stumble upon a great resource or tutorial and have to bookmark the page for future reference. Most of the time that future referencing never happened. I was missing out on a lot of new techniques and ideas because they were being stored away in a folder rather then being put in a working document that I could check regularly.

Evernote has truly helped me archive and remember pieces of code that I use every single day and I think it can help you do the same.

Here is how to use Evernote to teach you all the code (or any other resource) in the world.
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This post goes out to young people in general. Kyle has written some on the problems facing 20 somethings, I think this will fit right in with those posts.

“HUSTLE then…. Give it AWAY”

First off lets define “hustle”this means work your but off… then work some more.

Nope, your still not working hard enough. Sure you need to have rest in your life, take time off, play with your kids. But I know for a fact that most young people of this generation are not working even close to their full potential, I’m know I’m not.

We (in general terms) are lazy. We always want, but hardly ever give (unless its sexy social causes, haha). We would rather play xbox for 3 hours than learn to be great at something, then complain we aren’t getting respect. Most of us are waiting for God to write in the sky to tell you to take that job, move away, go into the mission field, or marry that girl. Ummm, step up and man up, God can’t move a stationary object. Life is changing around us, and one thing we as young people have to do is work HARD.

Life is HARD, working hard is good. Working at what you love is great, but you have to work. You can do it! You just have to make some hard choices. But I believe you can! So get to it and HUSTLE!!!

Do something remarkable by working remarkably hard.

(“Just Do Something” by Kevin DeYoung is a GREAT read, go get it)

Second thing I want to define is “give it away” (This is something I’m currently learning and trying to do).

I am by nature a control freak, I’m good at a lot of things technical, or know enough to get into trouble, lol. I like to make sure everything is perfect, but thats not going to help me lead people. I have been learning that to lead people and build a tribe around me, one has to work hard, than hand it off to others.

This does two things, builds people around you so you can do even BIGGER things, and helps you not kill yourself! It allows you to spend time with your family, friends, even yourself, while growing your influence. For an example, Kyle asked me if I would like to write on his blog, this blog he built up. He has done most of the work and puts the time into it. I really haven’t done anything. But him allowing me to write has helped him, he now has some influence in my life, and his tribe is now a little larger. I also like to think another perspective has helped his blog. He worked than brought other people along.

So here is what I challenge you to do…..

Tell me what you are giving away?


There has been a lot of great conversation that has been happening this month on Standing on Giants.

I have enjoyed writing post and have really enjoyed the engagement from everyone. I wanted to share with you some post that have had some great conversation and discussion over this past month.

1. Are Conferences Relevant To 20 Somethings

This brought about the biggest discussion of the month. It is well worth going back and really reading through the comments. There are some great commentaries on this subject and thoughts. There were even some conference guys who put on conferences for a living that weighed in. Great conversation.

2. Does Love Win?

A post about Rob Bell and Love Wins. Some conversation about his latest book, but mainly a dialogue about a sermon he preached in 2007 about the very subject that is Love Wins.

3. I Have Chris Tomlin Fatigue

Yes I said it and yes most people agreed with me. After listening to the latest offerings up from the Passion album I responded by writing this post about Chris Tomlin and the amount of times I have heard him at church, radio, Christian book stores, and soccer moms mini vans. The conversation was great on this post.

4. Blogging tips for Non-Writers

This was a guest post from Jeff Goins that was filled with some great practical advice that people really seemed to resonate with. I probably come back to this post at least once a week to review and remind myself of the different things offered up.

5. Insert What You Want

No I did not write a post called “Insert What You Want”. Instead I want you to insert a post in the comment section that was your favorite of March. No it does not have to come from this blog. It could come from your blog, a friends blog, or Seth Godins blog. Just insert something in the comment stream so we can go and check them out.

The month of March has been glorious. A great NCAA Tourney, start of the 2011 MLB Baseball season, and a lot of work that came my way.

You have any highlights you want to share that happened in March?


Don’t forget to insert a link to a post as well.

Gary Vee is my boy. I do not know him (but will someday), but I feel like he is a mentor to me. I love everything he says, does, and tweets. Well I say everything, except for one little minor detail. I do not understand his love for

Check out this video of what he has to say about it all:

I get it, we need to be engaging and listening to what people have to say. But if you take a quick jump over to you will find more spam, pointless crap, and languages you cannot read then a 54 year old grandmas email inbox. There is so much clutter going on it is impossible to listen, react, and then respond.

I think Gary is on to something, we definitely need to be engaging in conversation, but “businesses” (I use that term loosly, more like spammers) are starting to catch on to this as well. Understanding that people are looking for conversation on blogging, twitter, and social media the amount of link bait and resources are more about getting click throughs for money instead of helping others grow their brand and platform. is broken, we need another way to engage in conversation.

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I have stopped subscribing to RSS Feeds. Why? Simple, twitter has become my RSS Feed.

I trust twitter to do the work for me of taking the content to the top and share it with me. For someone who has a hard time wanting to read everything and waste countless hours doing it, this has freed me from that “I don’t want to miss a thing” (almost like an Armageddon Steven Tyler moment type thing) to putting more time into my work.

Blogs that you do not need an RSS feed for:

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I am curious, what are some things that you want to know more about in blogging?

Whatever it is go ahead and let it be known in the comments.

There are no stupid questions here. Trust me, I have probably asked them all before or would ask them myself.

But you would be helping me out a ton if you could list some questions that you are curious about when thinking about blogging.