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I love finding new music.
And I love sharing that new music with you.

I regularly update these two areas with new music.
Let’s discover some new music together.

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I have featured Bellarive on Music Tuesday before. But they are so good I want to share them again with you. Bellarive has released their latest work The Heartbeat and I think it should keep you nice and cozy this fine Tuesday morning and into the afternoon. So do yourself a favor and hit play and enjoy.

Ladies and Gentlemen…Bellarive

Visit their website here
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Ascend the Hill has been featured on Music Tuesday before (found here). They are one of my favorite bands simply because their music features a passion of love, grace and spirit that other music does not have.

Their latest album, Ransomed Son came out a couple of months ago and it has been on repeat in my ears for a while. I love this album so much I bought it off of iTunes. The last time I bought an album besides this one was a year ago. In my mind it is that good.

I think you will enjoy this Music Tuesday featuring Ascend the Hill.

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I hope you are not to late on the train….the Lumineers train. Either way, this train is moving faster then anyone can keep up with. A month ago the Lumineers were a band that was playing Nashville to a small room now they are playing a sold out show with tickets running at $85 a piece.

Whether you are an early adopter who knew about these guys before it was cool or late to the game here is your chance to jump on the train. Enjoy

The Lumineers by Kyle Reed on Grooveshark

See if they are coming to a city near you here
Listen on Rdio here
Buy album here

I have decided to dust off the ole Music Tuesday feature because there is someone I need you to hear. My friend Lana Del Rey is worth bringing back Music Tuesday (she is not really my friend, but I hear people say that all the time and it sounds cool). I think you will enjoy this little album as much as I have been enjoying it. Do not judge her by her awful Saturday Night Live performance, (here is a much better performance on Letterman) I do not know what happened with that. Judge her based off of the album below, you will not be disappointed.


Lana Del Rey by Kyle Reed on Grooveshark‘}” alt=”” />

Buy the album here

Today we feature some a band that sounds like a gun but doesn’t really sound like a gun. It is M83, and I think you will enjoy these sounds today while you work.

And you can sound really cool when people ask you what you have been listening to lately by just responding with M83, the band not the gun…or something like that.


Buy the album here

Today I am excited to share with you my summer playlist. Yes that is right, it is summer and I have a playlist. Or maybe my friend Sam asked me to share a summer playlist because he has been making them himself and was interested in what I would have on mine. So I happily obliged and made a list of songs that are getting me through the summer heat.

So here is my summer playlist:

I would love to hear what is on your summer playlist?