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I really like Pinterest.
I check it every day.
Use it for resources, inspiration, and learning.
It is a great tool.

When Pinterest announced Promoted Pins not too long ago I was intrigued to see how brands would start using this new ad platform.

After spending some time watching different brands promote their pins it’s time we dive in and see the Do’s and Don’ts of Promoted Pins.

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As someone who spends a lot of time in their home office, I am always looking for ways to make my space better, cooler, and more inspirational.


Here are 10 images of inspiration to take your home office from good to great. (For more, follow my Pinterest board here)

1. The “This Is the Coolest Piece of Desk Wood You Can Get” Office


Can we talk about how cool this desk is? I love the set up with the window as well. Clean and beautiful.

2. The “Minimalist Dream Set-Up” Office


Love the artwork.

3. The “Built In Beauties” Office


If you can’t get any work done in this room, I don’t know where you can get work done.

4. The “This Is As Practical As We Get” Office


I like this office inspiration because it feels obtainable.

5. The “This Is Completely Unpractical” Office


A sliding book shelf…come on. Dream space.

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I hate routine, and yet I am a routine person.
There are areas of my life that routine drives me to the point of insanity.
There are areas of my life that routine keeps me in check.

I have a love/hate relationship with routine.

Today, let’s talk about my love for routine…my morning routine.

Productivity is one of the most important things we do in life. It separates the pretenders from serious contenders. Do not overestimate how important your productivity matters.
One of the best ways to be productive is to set yourself up for the most optimal productivity possible.

You might be wondering: “Kyle, how would one go about this?”
“Good thing you asked” I would say, “let me show you what I do.”

My morning routine or ritual explained:

1. Wake up at the same time

I wake up every morning at 6AM, no matter what. I have found this to be the best way to start my day. The discipline this creates starts the flow of my routine. Miss this time and it can throw off my entire day. My challenge for your morning routine is to pick a reasonable time you can wake up each day. Find the time that provides some buffer before you have to go to work or handle other responsibilities and also provides you enough rest from the night before.

Bonus tip: Figure out how long it takes you to get ready each morning and buffer that time in to your routine. I know it takes me 20 minutes to get ready for my day. This allows me to plan accordingly if my morning routine is to be interrupted or I have an early morning meeting.

2. Complete a task around the house

As crazy as this sounds, completing a small task around the house can get your day started on the right path. Pat Flynn taught me this trick. He (and I) wash the dishes before starting work. It helps accomplish something easy and quick and it moves the brain in to work mode. I usually make coffee for my wife and myself first thing before I get started. It is just another part of my routine that I do every morning to prep me for work.

3. Take 15 minutes to plan your day

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I use to keep all my task in my head. I had a general idea of what my day would be and what I wanted to do. The hard part was I never followed that plan in my head. Over the past year, I have taken 15 minutes every morning to plan out my mornings and afternoons. In fact, I created my own task sheet to help me plan my day. You can download my task sheet here for free.
This 15 minutes is so important. Creating a goal for the day with dedicated task allows you to give over the feeling of staying up with everything and gives you a map to complete your day.
I cannot express how important this step truly is to productivity.

Bonus tip: Download my task sheet :) 

4. Complete another task around the house or office

Yes, another task around the house or if you are at your work you can do something around your office. This is usually the time I do dishes or sweep. I sometimes put papers away, take the trash out, or make the bed. Just something else to help me signal my brain that it is time to work. It also clears my brain from the planning I went through and moves me to completing task.

Bonus tip: If you are married, your spouse will also be really happy with you. 

5. Use a timmer

This is the ultimate trick. Setting a time limit on task will blow your mind, seriously.
I have found myself completing my task sheet hours before the traditional work day is done. This timer allows me to stay focused and gives me a barometer of where I am at and a time limit to complete the task.
Pomodoro is a great app that I use all the time. Best part, it is free.
I will even write down how much time I want to give per task on my task sheet. Once the timer is set I go to work. When the timer ends I give myself a break of 5 minutes to do whatever I want. But as soon as that timer is up I go to the next task. Give this a shot, you will be surprised at how much you can get done.

Bonus tip: Also remember to set a time for a reward. You don’t feel as guilty checking twitter or instagram when you know you have put in the work on your to-do list. Give yourself some time to have some fun too.

6. Write down your success

This is one of the most difficult things for me. I often don’t focus on my successes and rather look at failures. I am definitely a glass half empty kind of guy. But, I have started to force myself to write these down as a way to remember and learn. There are times I forgot about all the things I have done or get to do, and these daily successes are a great reminder, especially when I am seeing the glass half empty.

Bonus tip: Check this app out called WinStreak. My friend @justinwise recommended it.


These are 6 steps of many other steps I take daily to perfect my morning routine.
Every one will do it differently. Most importantly, we choose to do it. We choose to get serious about productivity and routine. We focus on the areas that will help us complete task we need to get done.
I believe we can accomplish far more than we ever believed, as long as we are focused on the task at hand.

Do you have a morning routine secret you want to share?

Thanks for listening and checking out these free resources.
I firmly believe the greatest way to accomplish anything we want is the disciplines we establish.

Any questions hit me up on twitter: @kylereed

Would love to send you a folder of the following resources:

-Social Media Content Calendar
-Social Media Suggested Content Schedule
-Hacking Monday Worksheet




Must Watch Ted Talks

TED talks have grown in popularity. TED stands for Technology, Entertainment, Design, which covers a broad spectrum. TED talks excel best when looking towards the future and providing insight into our ever-changing present.

Springing from the annual TED Talks Conference, the talks are now available online and have attracted a global audience. Consequently, these talks have reached billions. Clearly, the world is rapidly changing, and twenty-somethings have more to prove than ever.

Here are 11 essential TED talks videos every young adult should see.

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For any blogger out there, resources are the life blood of creation.

Here are 3 resources that I have been using lately.



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Plugins are an essential element of any blog. For any blog, the turn-key ability to literally plug something in and have it function immediately is one of the best features about wordpress. Plugins provide the ability to add to your site features that you cannot add on your own.

With over 260,000 plugins to choose from, finding just the right ones can be the hardest part of having plugins. Adding to many plugins will tremendously slow down your site, but adding in the right plugins will greatly enhance your site.

These are the 5 plugins that I install immediately on every wordpress site I have:
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