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In the good ole days I had a pretty good memory.
The good ole days were before iPhone’s, Moleskins, and any other cool thing I could use to write things on.
Today, in my older age I have to write things down. In fact if I don’t write it down it likely will never happen.

On the left is a picture of my iPhone home screen. I have been on a hunt over the last 3 months trying to find a nice blend of productivity/calendar apps that help me remember as well as execute ideas, commitments and meetings. Here are the three that are making it work.

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1. Tempo

Tempo Calendar App
This by far is the best Calendar app I have used yet. What do car guys say, you should see under the hood? Well you should see under this apps hood. It is not only beautifully designed but under the hood is where it really shines. It is one of the most intelligent apps I have on my phone (yes even smarter then Siri). As I enter in information about when, where, what and why it stats to search my emails, contacts and texts and pulls them together inside this app to alert me to all the info I would need for upcoming meetings, appointments and events. I have found myself checking it often to be reminded of different things I have going throughout the day. It has kept me on task and organized. A must have for anyone looking for an upgrade in calendar.

Screen Shot 2013-05-16 at 10.54.20 AM

This app is my one stop shop for any task I need to get done in the day. Whether it be a reminder to pay a bill, make a phone call or smile more, keeps these task simple and right in front of me. Another beautiful designed app the home screen doesn’t overwhelm you with options but instead ask you what you need to do and when you need to do get it done. And a great bonus, it has a Chrome Extension that makes it even easier to use. Here is a great review written up about it as well that walks you through each function.

3. Thinglist
Thinglist App
This is an app I wish I had about 4 years ago. I am a big resource type of guy. I love to share things I have found with other as well as I love to discover new things. But I have never had the ability to actually capture these resources in a nice easy way. I have tried evernote, notepad, emails to myself, and other productivity apps and they never seem to stick. This app has been my go to for remembering all the things I want to check out.
Whether it is a book, song, restaurant, drink or countless other things, Thinglist presents a home screen that allows you to choose the category you are want to remember, enter in the information and store it away for future reference. This is another must have app for anyone looking to remember that band your friend told you to check out, or the book you have been hearing everyone talk about.

Sometimes I like to daydream about what it would be like to live at the turn of the century. In these daydreams I often picture myself as the gatherer. Searching the land for anything useful for me to use. This daydream last about 5 minutes until I realize how terrible it would be to not have electricity and I am quickly snapped back to reality. But the present reality I face today is that I am still a gatherer.

Anything and everything I can get my hands on that interest me I like to gather and share. One such area of interest is iPhone apps. Today I have 3 apps that I have gathered and now want to share with you. I think they are all pretty awesome.

1. Setlist

This app has quickly become one of my favorite apps to check daily. Using your Rdio account, Setlist searches your collection of artist and bands and finds concerts in your area. In the past two weeks I have discovered concerts that I would love to go to and did not know they were coming to town. Concerts like the Lumineers and Paper Route.
Note: must have Rdio account to use this app. But if you do not have an Rdio account you need to go and get it now. Found out why here

App Cost: Free

2. Day One

Do not let the price on this app fool you, it is well worth the $4.99. You might be wondering why you would want to pay so much for a journal app? Let me explain why. I have been living with this app for about a week now and I have really gotten into documenting my days, events, and moments. What I enjoy about this app is the ability to use photos, moments, GPS, and good ole fashion words. Some of my plans for this app is to have a documented online journey. The ability to take your days, months or even years and share them online, through email or print is a big selling point for me.

If you are looking for an app that does a great job of capturing moments and has a great interface then stop your search. Day One is the app for you.

App cost: $4.99

3. Matching With Friends

From the folks that brought you words with friends and scramble with friends comes another addicting game, matching with friends. This game is a fun 5 minute time waster. Matching blocks and colors seems to be a bit pre-schoolish, but in fact is challenging to get a better score then your opponent (I’m looking at you Benji Zimmerman). This is an easy must download, mainly so that I can beat you and get more coins. Find me online by searching the name Kyle Reed or Johnny Unite Us.

App cost: free (with ads) $1.99 (no ads)

These are my apps that I have gathered for you over the last week. Feel free to share your app gathering stories with me and the community.


Speaking of iPhone. I created a background for your iPhone of an August calendar. Download here for free. 


This is a summary of a review of the book the War of Art by Steven Presfield. This excerpt is taken from Kamrie Reed.

I believed this book hit on something that not a lot of people like to hear about or take the time to understand. This whole idea of resistance is a force that has lasted through out the centuries.

Resistance= any act that rejects immediate gratification in favor of long-term growth, health, or integrity or any act that derives from our higher nature instead of our lower (definition provided by the War of Art)

This whole idea of resistance is what has stopped people from doing what they dreamed of.

People become easily detoured with life.

We all chose to escape our dreams by demeaning them, chase after something that is more stable and logical, or worst of all blend into society and tell yourself some day this dream is will come to life by magic.

Steven Pressfield exposes this beast by calling all of those want-to-be-dreamers out and by telling them with dreaming comes action.

He explains that in reality we were chosen for a specific purpose. God has given us a specific job that only we can do.

“We come into this world with a specific, personal destiny.” (the War of Art)

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The new app released from called SocialCam is filled with so much potential that it could be the next Instagram.

Here is the crazy thing, Instagram launched approximately 6 months ago and has taken over the picturing sharing market on twitter. 6 Months people, that is craziness. I read a tweet today proclaiming that it could be the next facebook.

SocialCam could be the next big thing or it could be as big as Path (if you do not know what Path is then you just proved my point, and if you do you understand what I am talking about).

No matter what the future holds I have some ideas as to the potential of SocialCam:
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I have had the pleasure of knowing Greg Darley for over a year and a half. I still remember the first time we talked on the phone. As I sat in starbucks, thinking of questions to ask, Greg sat patiently on the line waiting to impact years of wisdom, knowledge and experience. Sure it sounds like I am making Greg out as a 53 year old man, but talk to him for just a couple of minutes and you will realize that he has a wealth of knowledge.

From that day on in starbucks me and Greg have continued our relationship through phone chats, text messages and an quick in person meet-up at catalyst in October. Throughout all those conversations I have learned a lot from Greg, but one thing in particular stands out, if you have a dream….work towards it.

Recently, Greg released his first bool entitled Passion Is Not Enough. Interesting enough, about 3 weeks ago I interviewed Greg over skype to share on the blog and give away a couple copies of the book. Sad to say, the audio of the recording did not work and we were unable to re-record because of the holidays. Today, I am happy to be able to tell you about Greg Darley’s book Passion Is Not Enough.

As the title suggest, Greg believes that passion alone will not get you where you want to go. In fact, there are a lot of things that Greg says are essential to your dream. The main one that stood out to me was time. Yes, time is that one word that no one wants to hear when they are waiting for something. But as I read through the first couple chapters of the book I followed along as Greg described the journey of time throughout the Bible and some of the key characters that had to wait. One in particular was Moses. Moses knew a thing or two about waiting. The connection that Greg makes between patience and Moses instantly caught on with me and helped a very non-patient person realize the important of time and timing.

Not only is this book full of stories that illustrate what it takes to follow through with a dream and your strength, but it gives you practical advice on how to move past passion alone. As my family and I drove to my Grandmas for Christmas, my younger sister sat in the back seat of the car reading Passion Is Not Enough. I asked her what her thoughts were on the book (keep in mind she read it in 4 days)? She want on to describe this journey that would be interwoven throughout each chapter that leads you to the end of the book and the start of your journey towards your dream.

I am a big fan of Greg Darley and his newest book Passion Is Not Enough.

Today I have the honor of giving away 3 free copies of Passion Is Not Enough and you have the chance to win.

So leave a comment below, but don’t just leave your name, tell us someone who is the most passionate person you know.

Also go ahead and tweet out this contest and let all your friends know that Passion Is Not Enough is on sale for 2.99 for the rest of the week.

Here is what you can tweet:

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So leave a comment and tweet it out.

Happy Friday


sidenote: If you do not win you can still pick up the Kindle version for only $2.99. Get it here But the actual book here

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Seeing the church as stuffy, out of date, and out of touch seems to be a common understanding amongst most, but seeing the church as a place where you cannot speak freely is felt by most but never made known.

In a place that stands under the umbrella of grace and freedom the church has taken on the role of condemner rather then confessor.

Having permission to speak freely in church is about as safe as driving with your eyes close, you will cause an accident one way or the other and someone will get hurt, usually it is you.

But what if the church became a place of openness and healing? What if the church was known for the conversations that took place rather then the condemnation? Anne Jackson decides to put that hope out there in her newest book “Permission to Speak Freely”.

Providing a first hand experience of one sinners struggle to find redemption and healing, Jackson takes you on a journey from a small church in the backroads of Texas to a place of healing in Kansas City. Anne Jackson calls the church to be a place of giving the gift of going second.

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